Theresa Cao update, March 24, 2011, Except Obama except Obama patriot, Attorney April Downs

Theresa Cao update, March 24, 2011, Except Obama except Obama patriot, Attorney April Downs

From the Post & Email March 23, 2011.

“Defendant Theresa Cao, who shouted “Except Obama!  Except Obama!” during the reading of the U.S. Constitution on January 6, met with her public defender on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, after initially having dismissed her on March 14, 2011, prior to her March 15 hearing.

Cao officially announced that she was firing Attorney April Downs in a Motion to Dismiss addressed to the government in which she referenced several articles published at The Post & Email and charged Barack Hussein Obama with treason.

Theresa gave her account of her meeting with Downs exclusively to The Post & Email.

SHARON: When did you meet with Ms. Downs?

THERESA: It was March 22 at noon, for about an hour; perhaps a little more.

SHARON: Did she have any reaction to your Motion to Dismiss which you introduced the day before your hearing?

THERESA: Yes.  After the last hearing, she asked to see the motion, so she saw what I wrote about her.

SHARON: And what was her reaction to that?

THERESA: Well, I tried not to talk about it; I just let her read and I tried to divert her, which sometimes left us at an impasse.

I believe that in my Motion to Dismiss, I was showing the judicial system that I have caught them in their corruption.  I put it all on paper that I could clearly read them and they are not who they say they are.  I have it all on paper.

SHARON: What do you think she thought of the information you included?

THERESA: This was another test for her, actually.  Remember she said that she was now going to defend me based on my constitutional rights?

SHARON: Yes, I remember.

THERESA: Well, clearly, in this particular meeting, again, she opposed me on basically everything that I wanted to have done based on my defense on the Constitution.”

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