The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 2, Alleged Brutal Sex and a Dead Witness, Kathy Ferguson found dead of gunshot wound to the head five days after Jones filed suit against President Clinton, Ex-husband Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, Newsmax March 3, 1999

The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 2, Alleged Brutal Sex and a Dead Witness, Kathy Ferguson found dead of gunshot wound to the head five days after Jones filed suit against President Clinton, Ex-husband Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, Newsmax March 3, 1999


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax March 3, 1999.

“The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 2”

“Alleged Brutal Sex and a Dead Witness

Many of the Jane Does interviewed by Paula Jones investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert were reluctant to be dragged into the high-profile case and chose not to come forward.

For one prospective Jane Doe, it was a physical impossibility. Kathy Ferguson was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head just five days after Jones filed suit against President Clinton. Kathy’s ex-husband, Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, was named as a co-defendant. Her death was ruled a suicide by local police.

With Kathy unavailable, the Lamberts interviewed her friends Sherry Butler and Sam Houston, who both worked at Little Rock’s Baptist Memorial Hospital. Their names were submitted into evidence in the closing weeks of the impeachment trial as part of a supplemental witness list in the Jones case.

Butler was a licensed practical nurse at Baptist Memorial. She and Houston, the hospital’s urologist, were just two of several co-workers in whom Kathy had confided about her own unwanted encounter with Bill Clinton.

In 1994,’s executive editor, Chris Ruddy, reported on the incident:

“Houston had said he once asked Kathy if she had ever been harassed by Clinton when her former husband served on the governor’s security detail. She responded with an account — which is consistent with what other personnel at the hospital say Ferguson told them on separate occasions — of having been ‘blocked in the kitchen’ of the governor’s mansion as then-Governor Clinton made unwelcome advances on her.

“Sherry Butler said that Ferguson, in speaking of that same incident to her, had said that Clinton ‘shoved her against a counter’ and wouldn’t let her leave the kitchen.

“Butler added that Ferguson had been firm in her belief in Paula Jones’ testimony. ‘That girl is telling the truth,’ Butler remembers her friend saying about Jones.” (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Nov. 4, 1994)

Rick Lambert confirmed to that Kathy Ferguson was the reason Butler’s and Houston’s names were on the Jones witness list:

“That’s the only connection they had — Kathy Ferguson. Sherry Butler told me about what Clinton tried to do to her. But, of course, the best witness to that is dead.”

Lambert added: “I talked to Sam Houston at length about this. At the time, he was being ostracized by his cohorts for being a conspiracy theorist. You couldn’t convince the man to this day that Kathy’s death was a suicide.”

Because much of the Jones investigation involved sensitive allegations about women who were sometimes too embarrassed to open up to a male investigator, Beverly Lambert often took the lead in face-to-face interviews. One such Jane Doe is the now famous Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged on “Dateline NBC” last week that Clinton brutally raped her 21 years ago. The Lamberts tracked her down on Nov. 13, 1997, at her Van Buren, Ark., home.

Beverly Lambert told that she spoke to Broaddrick for 30 minutes. “The most significant statement she made was that ‘it was a horrible, horrible situation and I don’t want to relive it again.’ She said that Bill Clinton was a ‘vicious, vicious man’ and that no one would ever be able to bring him down.”

Lambert said Broaddrick refused to go into detail but described the entire ordeal as “the worst nightmare of my life.” The Lamberts tape- recorded the interview and this key evidence was subpoenaed by the Office of Independent Counsel, a development that led to further interviews by federal investigators.

During the interview with Beverly Lambert, Broaddrick revealed information she had indicating that another woman had been raped by Clinton. Lambert explained: “I don’t think she meant to do it. But she let it slip that a friend of Sheffield Nelson’s wife was also attacked.”

In 1990, Nelson made a bid for the Arkansas governorship but lost the race to Clinton. Just a month before the 1992 election, Nelson met with Broaddrick to persuade her to go public with her rape account. Broaddrick declined to do so, telling the pair, “Who’s going to believe little old Juanita from Van Buren?”

Last month, Broaddrick repeated the same story to, saying that Nelson told her the woman refused to come forward because she was drunk at the time of the attack and perhaps blamed herself. Reached at his Little Rock home days later, Nelson confirmed the story but would not reveal the woman’s name, explaining that she “would never come forward.”

Lambert revealed details of Broaddrick’s ride home from the Camelot Hotel, based on her interview with corroborating witness Phillip Yoakum. According to Yoakum’s account, nurse Norma Rogers drove, stopping at regular intervals for ice to apply to Broaddrick’s badly swollen lips. Rogers later confirmed parts of Yoakum’s story to NBC. Broaddrick told NBC last week that Clinton bit her upper lip to weaken her resistance to the assault.

Yoakum shared one gruesome detail with Lambert that debunks any notion that the sex Clinton had with Juanita Broaddrick was in any way consensual. According to Yoakum, Broaddrick’s lip was “damaged to the point of nearly being torn into two pieces.”

Beverly Lambert said she had a number of what she described as strong assault leads on Clinton.

“I can promise you,” she told, “that if someone calls us to gather information on Clinton’s pattern of forceful sexual behavior, we have that. But no one has ever asked us about it before. There are so many, so many. They went on and on and on and they all had basically the same story. That’s the nauseating part, to me.”

Lambert added that if people could read the material she and her husband submitted to Ken Starr they would know that “this is not a man who is going to stop.””

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