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Here are the results of the completed poll: Is Barack Obama a Racist? Yes            63 % No              31 %  Not sure      6 % The above poll ran for 1 week with the percentages staying fairly constant. This is a unscientific poll. The new poll asks the question, can Barack Obama win the presidency? Please vote. 

Obama racist? Yes 59%, No 31%, Not sure 10%, vote in poll

Here are the latest results of my unscientific poll. Is Barack Obama a Racist? Yes (23) No (12) Not sure (4) Total votes: 39 First of all, do some serious research and then provide an honest answer. Please vote.

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I have had a poll regarding Hillary Clinton’s chances for winning the democratic nomination for several weeks. This is not a scientific poll. However the numbers have been interesting and seem to echo the primary voting. Please vote. The current results, Monday, March 10, 2008 are: Yes  38.7 % No   54.8 % Too early to tell 6.5 %