STOP the Health Care Bill before Christmas rally


Senator Ben Nelson Nebraska, STOP the Health Care Bill before Christmas rally, December 22, 2009, Senator Ben Nelson’s Office, Stubborn_Facts, Harry Reid unconstitutional bribes

Just in from Stubborn_Facts at Grassroots in Nebraska, December 22, 2009. Grassroots in Nebraska   Stubborn_Fact- sStubborn_Facts has invited you to the event ‘STOP the Health Care Bill Before Christmas! Rally’ on Grassroots in Nebraska!  REMINDER!! RALLY TONIGHT AT 6PM + DON’T FORGET TO BOMBARD BEN ALL WEEK! An interactive parking garage map of downtown has been added to the site!  Time: December 22, 2009 from 6pm to 7:30pm Location: Senator Ben Nelson’s Office Organized By: Stubborn_Facts Event Description: NOTE ADDED 12/20 @7:00AM RALLY IS STILL ON! For much more detail,Read More