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Larry Sinclair has moved his blog from WordPress to his own website. Sinclair’s former blog on WordPress was: Larry Sinclair’s new blog on his website is: Prior to leaving WordPress, Larry Sinclair and those following his story were subjected to personal attacks, death threats and public display of private information. Some of these attacks and violations of law came from other WordPress blogs. Larry Sinclair and other bloggers have reported some of the worst of these violators. I have reported the worst WordPress violator several times. This violatorRead More

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Larry Sinclair contacted me a few minutes ago and stated that WordPress has shut down his blog. Within the past week, I sent an email to Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, to inform him of what was happening with other bloggers violating the service agreement and the law. Matt Mullenweg has not gotten back with me. I have an IT background and I maintain a decent blog. It is in the best interest of WordPress and Mr. Mullenweg that he respond to my email or contact me. Larry Sinclair has madeRead More

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The Larry Sinclair story lives on. Where has the MSM been? The MSM has either ignored the story, insulted Larry Sinclair or misrepresented the story. Greta Van Sustern, recently gave a response as to why she had not interviewed Larry Sinclair. She referred to one blog, that is biased, and used rumors and lies as a basis for her decision. Her reaction is typical of the MSM. Where is Sean Hannity? Bill O’Reilly, are you running a gossip show too? Fox News is looking too much like CNN. The followingRead More