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Barack Obama became a curiousity in the news when he sought and gained a US Senate seat and spoke at the Democrat Convention in 2004. When Obama began his run for the presidency he, of course, became more news worthy. However, the one event and breaking story that probably gained the attention of more people and subsequently caused Obama to be scrutinized more by more people, was the YouTube video and allegation from Larry Sinclair of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. This was the catalystRead More

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Pre Obama camp, Thought Police Journalist definition: a person engaged in journalism; a writer or editor for a news medium; a writer who aims at a mass audience Obama camp, “1984” definition of Journalist: One who does not question Obama Larry Sinclair has come full circle with the Obama camp. In 2007, Mr. Sinclair made multiple attempts to contact the Obama Campaign regarding his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair, after no response from the Obama camp, produced a YouTube video in January 2008. InRead More

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There is a Youtube video that tells the story of Larry Sinclair’s arrest after his news conference at the National Press Club in June 2008. This video reveals the corruption within the Obama and Biden camps. Larry Sinclair was arrested on a fabricated warrant from Delaware and the office of Attorney General Biden. Larry Sinclair was treated like a political prisoner in the United States. Is this the kind of change you want, Nazi Germany revisited? Watch this video. It will shock you. [youtube=] Read more from Larry Sinclair here: http://larrysinclairbarackobama.comRead More