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Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate, August 3, 2009, Obama Kenyan evidence, Sarah Obama, 2008 reports, Mombassa consistent, August 4, 1961

I posted a copy of the alleged Obama Kenyan birth certificate yesterday, August 2, 2009, because it is news. I do not know if it is legitimate or not. I will simply wait for authentication by experts. However, I have believed for many months that Obama was born in Kenya. The citizen Wells blog has posted articles about Obama being born in Kenya, but it was never the major part of uncovering the real Obama. This blog has always considered Obama not being a natural born citizen, Obama’s strong tiesRead More

Bishop Ron McRae, Sarah Obama, Affidavit, Obama born in Kenya, Obama grandmother present at birth, Bishop McRae statement on Obama, November 11, 2008

“Hier Stehe Ich” (Here I stand) Martin Luther Bishop Ron McRae, who signed an affidavit stating that he witnessed Sarah Obama, Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother, say that she was present at Obama’s birth in Kenya, has issued a statement. Bishop McRae speaks of the law of God and the law of man as it relates to our current situation in this country and the 2008 election. Bishop McRae echoes my position in the following statement: “Take my lands, my liberty and my life for my refusal to neither serve norRead More