Roland Burris


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In an affadavit signed January 5, 2009 by Roland Burris, he states: “I am a resident of the State of Illinois, at least 30 years of age and a natural born citizen of the United States of America.” Well, well, well, it seems that Mr. Burris is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama. Is that why Democrat “leaders” are having a change of “heart”? Consider this article from the Chicago tribune dated January 7, 2009. “Senate leader leaves door ajar for Burris” “WASHINGTON — A day after theRead More

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The Chicago Tribune, in spite of endorsing Barack Obama, has allowed fairly extensive coverage of Obama’s ties to corruption in Chicago and Illinois. John Kass has written some frank articles about Obama’s connections. Consider this article by Kass dated January 2, 2009. “OK, Kass, what are you paying Gov. Rod Blagojevich to give you material for your columns? Or is he the gift that keeps on giving? —Sue S. Dear Sue: As our esteemed governor has famously said, this thing is “bleeping golden.” But the Illinois political freak show isRead More