Rezko Trial


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Blagojevich trial, Obama Levine ties, Stuart Levine must testify Barack Obama and Stuart Levine      From the Citizen Wells blog, April 2, 2008. I repeat, April 2, 2008. “We need to know the truth about Barack Obama. We need to know where Obama was on November 4, 1999. We need to know where Obama was and what he was doing during his term in the Illinois Senate. When I first read the allegations of Larry Sinclair, I was very skeptical. I am still somewhat skeptical. However, I went toRead More

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Blagojevich trial, Obama testimony, Rezko trial, Rod Blagojevich did not testify When Judge Zagel denied the Blagojevich defense team’s motion to subpoena Barack Obama for the Blagojevich trial, I did not think much of it. First of all it is early. Secondly, the defense motion was too general. And remember this, Rod Blagojevich did not testify at the Tony Rezko trial even though his name was mentioned often and he was under investigation. The motion to subpoena Obama did serve a purpose. It sets the stage for witness testimony fromRead More

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Barack Obama Arrest Part 2 I was going over some notes, preparing to put up the next article explaining in detail why Barack Obama should have already been arrested when I came across some old articles that I had saved. The articles were so compelling on their own that I decided to present them as standalone evidence that Obama and Blagojevich should have been indicted and arrested by mid 2008. This leaves several glaring questions. Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Dept of Justice wait until after the electionRead More

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Why Barack Obama should be indicted Part 4 One or more of the following events should happen: Obama steps down. Obama is forced to prove eligibility. Obama is indicted and/or arrested. If one of the above does not occur within a few months, perhaps we should look to the Declaration of Independence or Thomas Jefferson, for our next strategy.   I began learning about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich early in 2008 and wrote my first article mentioning Blagojevich in April. Why did I begin scrutinizing Rod Blagojevich? I was readingRead More

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Yesterday, Thursday, December 11, 2008 the Citizen Wells blog posted an article that ended with: “Since Barack Obama is attempting to sneak through the election process with a great many legal questions clouding his past and since the American public needs and depends on the Judicial Branch of government to protect it from criminals and imposters, I Citizen Wells, on behalf of the American public, ask that Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald or any authorized employee of the US Justice Department, present Mr. Barack H. Obama with an indictment and/or Criminal ComplaintRead More