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Citizen Wells open thread, June 16, 2010, Real News, Blagojevich trial, Obama eligibility, Economy

Citizen Wells open thread, June 16, 2010, Real News For real news on the Blagojevich trial, Obama eligibility and economy. Joseph Aramanda, with ties to Blagojevich, Rezko and Obama, on the witness stand. US Economy

Rhino Times, Greensboro, NC, John Hammer, Real news, truth about Obama and government

We were in Greensboro, NC over the weekend and as usual picked up a copy of the Rhino Times, one of the few newsprint outlets in NC that tell it like it is. Unlike other papers in large cities of North Carolina such as the Charlotte Observer, they did not drink the kool aid and attempted to expose the truth about the real Barack Obama. Editor in chief, John Hammer, is in the forefront of exposing Obama with his column “Under The Hammer.” Here is a segment from “Under TheRead More