US Justice Department corruption, Whistleblowers, Patriots, Call to action, Truth is emerging, Please come forward

 US Justice Department corruption, Whistleblowers, Patriots, Call to action US Justice Department corruption Blagojevich trial Protecting Obama Part 2 Calling all Patriots   Before I proceed to the next part of US Justice Department corruption and complicity in protecting Obama via the Rod Blagojevich trial, I am requesting that more whistleblowers come forward. More patriots, more believers in the US Constitution. Many of us knew in 2008 that there was a problem with our Justice system. Now we are certain. Now we have evidence. If you are a US JusticeRead More

General Seth Pomeroy, American Revolution, Patriots, They fought and died for our chance to save this country, Lest we forget

General Seth Pomeroy, American Revolution, Patriots One of the things that keeps me going when I am tired or discouraged is the memory of all those who sacrificed, suffered and died to give us the privilege to defend and save this country. From a comment placed on this blog a few minutes ago by commenter Mia. “CW — I know you’ve already posted a new thread, but I hope you still see this. I wanted to thank you for this tribute to Bunker Hill. My great(x7)-grandfather fought at Bunker Hill.Read More

Tryon Resolves, Declaration of Independence, NC Hornets Nest in Revolution

Almost a year before the US Declaration of Independence was signed, a group of patriots in Tryon County NC, just west of Charlotte, signed The Tryon Resolves. The Tryon Resolves, signed in August 14, 1775, was a list of grievances against the British government in response to the battle of Lexington. During the revolution, the area around Charlotte was referred to as a hornet’s nest because of the fierce opposition the british encountered. In fact, one of the worst defeats the british suffered was at the Battle of Kings Mountain, just westRead More