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Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6eVVVKFHu0] Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit: “RESPONSE TO AMERICAN SENATOR BARACK OBAMA’S POORLY INFORMED COMMENTS ABOUT TERRORISM, WANTED GENOCIDE CRIMINALS AND GOVERNANCE IN KENYA” “Senator Barack Obama indicated that he was visiting Africa to help nurture relationsRead More

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” Make no mistake about it: “change” was always Alinsky’s code word for creating a socialist revolution, even if the methodology meant radicals would cut their hair, put on business suits, and run for political office. Alinsky taught organizers to hide their true intentions in the words they spoke. Denying the truth or just plain lying were both acceptable tactics, as long as the cause was advanced.” The Obama Nation by Jerome Corsi I was urged to write this article by several commenters on this blog. This is an importantRead More