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Milton R Wolf, MD, Obama Health Care Bill, Primum nil nocere, First do no harm, Obama cousin, Sean Hannity show, March 16, 2010

Milton R Wolf, MD,  Obama Health Care Bill, Primum nil nocere, First do no harm Dr Milton R Wolf, a cousin of Barack Obama, was on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox, March 16, 2010. I was very impressed with Dr. Wolf. He stayed consistent with his earlier statements that he was against Obamacare and that the Health Care Bill will hurt our health care system and likely prevent some people from getting care. Reported here March 12, 2010. “Dr Milton R Wolf, Obama cousin, Obama Health Care Bill” “Primum nil nocere.”First,Read More

Dr Milton R Wolf, Obama cousin, Obama Health Care Bill, Primum nil nocere, First do no harm, Fixing price at any cost, Wolf blasts ObamaCare, America has the finest health care delivery system in the world

Dr Milton R Wolf, Obama cousin, Obama Health Care Bill From The Washington Times, March 11, 2010. “From The Washington Times, March 11, 2010.” “By Dr. Milton R. Wolf “Primum nil nocere.”First, do no harm. This guiding principle is a bedrock of medical care. Sadly, those politicians who would rewrite our health care laws do not live in the same universe as do the doctors and health care professionals who must practice it. Imagine if, like physicians, politicians were personally held to the incredibly high level of scrutiny that includesRead More

Blanche Lincoln, Obama Health Care Bill, Public Policy Polling, February 2 2010, Lincoln losing to John Boozman, Arkansas Senate race, Lincoln approval rating 27%

From Public Policy Polling, February 2, 2010. “Blanche Lincoln Poll” “John Boozman will enter the Arkansas Senate race this weekend as the frontrunner. He leads incumbent Blanche Lincoln by an amazing 56-33 margin in our first poll of the race. Lincoln’s approval rating has sunk to just 27%, with 62% of voters in the state disapproving of her. She’s at a middling 51% even within her own party and just 17% of independents and 9% of Republicans are happy with how she’s doing. A look inside the health care issueRead More

Obama health care bill, HR3200, Organizing for America, Larry Sinclair, University of Central Florida Students, Joe Biden fund raiser, Orlando FL, Medicare, Medicaid, Youtube video

Larry Sinclair confuses Obama supporters with facts in this Youtube video: “Organizing For America members say “you don’t need to read 1000 pages of a bill…”” “University of Central Florida Students transported by Organizing for America to the Alan Grayson/Joe Biden events in Orlando do not even know what they are supporting. These students (all but 1 of which are members of SDS) were transported to the Biden school speech and then to the Marriott Hotel for the $1000, $5000, & $10,000 per donor Biden/Grayson/Kosmas fund raiser in a BlackRead More