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Blagojevich trial, News and insight, April 27, 2010, Blagojevich Obama Blackwell, Pay to play politics, Dan Shoman, Blagojevich and Blackwell, Alexi Giannoulias

Blagojevich trial, News and insight, April 27, 2010 Here is another Obama, Blagojevich triangle, another example of pay to play politics in Chicago, IL. Remember the email I received from Robert Blackwell of Killerspin shortly after I followed up on the LA Times story about Obama, Blackwell and Dan Shoman, Obama’s former campaign manager? Obama, Blagojevich, Blackwell “The Los Angeles Times, in an article dated April 27, 2008 reveals that Obama received a $8,000 a month retainer from Robert Blackwell for his technology firm, Electronic Knowledge Interchange, for a totalRead More