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Jeff Katz has an afternoon talk radio show on WBT radio in Charlotte NC. Katz, like Keith Larson, tells it like it is. Katz has been helping to reveal the real Obama, the lies, hypocrisy and empty message. Of course Katz has spent much time focusing on Jeremiah Wright and his hate filled, anti American and anti semitic messages. I sent katz the same email that I sent Keith Larson regarding facts about Obama that are being covered up by the main stream media. Here is the email that IRead More

Keith Larson Show, Charlotte NC, Obama, Wright, Ayers, Blackwell, Lessig, NC primary, Clinton

The Keith Larson Show airs on WBT radio in Charlotte NC. The NC primary, is Tuesday, May 6, 2008. Larson tells it like it is and has been revealing the real Barack Obama, including, but not limited to the hate filled, anti American, anti semitic sermons and speeches of Jeremiah Wright. I have contacted Keth Larson with some additional information abot Obama. Since Larson is a champion for the truth and the best for this country, I expect he will cover these facts about Obama that the MSM is coveringRead More

North Carolina voters, Jesus video, Obama advisor, gay Jesus, Lessig, Obama friend, supporter, NC primary

If you are considering voting for Obama in NC or any other state or primary, you need to watch this video. Lawrence Lessig is a friend of Obama as well as technology advisor and Obama rally speaker. Obama and Lessig worked together at the University of Chicago several years ago. Lessig is openly gay and promotes a radical gay agenda. If you think the sermons and speeches of Jeremiah Wright are bad, wait until you view these videos of Jesus depicted as gay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL1Z7_IMFs4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQtrQgtkYzc&feature=related If you would like to know moreRead More

Obama down low, gay sex rumors, Larry Sinclair, Lessig, Chicago restaurant owner speaks out

There have been many rumors and allegations about Obama doing drugs and being on the down low. Larry Sinclair alleged that he and Obama used drugs and had a gay sex encounter in a limousine in November 1999. A friend of Obama, Lawrence Lessig, was a former University of Chicago associate and is a big Obama supporter and advisor. Lessig is openly gay and has a radical gay agenda. A former Chicago restaurant owner heard persistent rumors about Obama. Here is her story: As the Chicago-area chef and restaurateur mentionedRead More