July 14


Blagojevich trial continues Monday July 19, 2010, Prosecution rests case, No Rezko, No Levine, No Planning Board corruption, Citizen Wells open thread, July 14, 2010

Blagojevich trial continues Monday July 19, 2010, Prosecution rests case The prosecution in the Rod Blagojevich trial rested their case yesterday, Tuesday, July 13, 2010. The prosecution, the US Justice Department has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt what their agenda is. Protecting Obama. No Tony Rezko testimony. No Stuart Levine (key witness in Rezko trial) testimony. Focusing primarily on the selling of the senate seat. No in depth exploration of Blagojevich’s part in rigging the IL Health Planning Facilities Board. This explains why the Justice Dept. organized theRead More

Jeff Rense, OBAMA BLOGONUTS ADMIT RESPONSIBILITY FOR CRIMINAL ATTACKS TO SHUT DOWN RENSE.COM, by Larry Sinclair, July 14, 2008, Is Obama camp responsible?

I attempted to access the website of Jeff Rense and the site would not respond. Jeff Rense has interviewed Larry Sinclair on many occasions. Larry Sinclair has a new post up with information about the Jeff Rense site: “OBAMA BLOGONUTS ADMIT RESPONSIBILITY FOR CRIMINAL ATTACKS TO SHUT DOWN RENSE.COM Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 14th, 2008 THE FOLLOING WAS EMAILED TO ME MOMENTS AGO AFTER I INQUIRED INTO SOME INTERNET STATEMENTS BY PRO-OBAMA BLOGONUTS CLAIMING THEY HAVE SHUT RENSE.COM AND ITS ENTIRE RADIO NETWORK DOWN.  THE INTERESTING THING IS THERead More

WARNING:”RETURN TO DELAWARE AT YOUR OWN PERIL", by Larry Sinclair, July 14, 2008, Delaware justice, Obama and Illinois corruption, Bidens and Delaware corruption

I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night. Larry was contacted by someone who allegedly has information and warned Sinclair not to return to Delaware. I told Larry that my gut told me the same thing. I have been watching Larry Sinclair’s story play out and Larry has kept me informed along the way. Since Sinclair’s arrest after his news conference in Washington DC on June 18, 2008, I have watched in amazement as Larry has been treated like a political prisoner in Washington DC and Delaware. Larry Sinclair was yankedRead More

Barack Obama is illigitimate, Andy Martin book, New York news conference, July 14, 2008, Obama knowingly and persistently lied, Obama birth certificate, is Obama elligible to be president?

Is Obama elligible to be president? Was Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii? Is the birth certificate supplied by the Obama camp valid? Apparently not! Andy Martin has a new book out and a news conference in New York, today, July 14, 2008. Andy states in his new book that Obama is illigitimate and that Obama has been lying to the American people. Here are some exerpts from Andy Martin’s blog: “(NEW YORK)(July 14, 2008)Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conferenceRead More