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April 15, 2009 From MommaE blog radio: Subject: SPECIAL GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT FOR WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON MOMMAE RADIO REBELS SHOW!!!!!     CARL SWENSSON FROM THE GEORGIA COMMON LAW GRAND JURY AND SAM SEWELL ON MOMMAE RADIO REBELS!   I just want to tell you that this afternoon’s show is on!!    Our guest’s this afternoon are Carl Swensson and Sam Sewell and they will be discussing the Common Law Grand Jury’s with us and what we can do to help.  It is important that we do all we can and leave noRead More

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The Citizen Wells blog has a page devoted to the timeline of the Philip J Berg lawsuit that has been served on Obama, the DNC and the FEC. Obama must respond to the lawsuit by September 24, 2008. The new page can be accessed from the top of the blog or from this link: Notice the banner below that was on an African website and then later removed. Obama was born in kenya.   From African website Philip J Berg Lawsuit Sequence of Events Aug 21, 2008     Philip JRead More

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Here is the latest news regarding the Donald Young murder investigation. Larry Sinclair and his attorney, Mr. Sibley, will meet with the Chicago Police within the next few weeks. Here is an exerpt from Larry Sinclair’s Blog: “1.  Chicago Police Detective investigating the Donald Young murder has made it clear to Montgomery B. Sibley, Esq. that I am not in any way the subject of their investigation, but that they are investigating an unsolved murder and they would like to speak with me concerning the information I provided in myRead More