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Hustler in chief, Unemployment rate, Illegal aliens, Economy, Citizen Wells open thread, July 3, 2010

Hustler in chief, Unemployment rate, Illegal aliens, Economy I suppose you all heard the Hustler in chief speak of the 9.5 % unemployment rate in somewhat glowing terms as improvement. When I heard life long Democrat, civil rights attorney, Bartle Bull refer to Obama as a hustler it resonated with me. I had been refering to Obama for many months as being “street smart.” [youtube=] Wiretap from Rod Blagojevich trial. DATE: 11/10/2008   TIME:  9:07 A.M.   ACTIVITY: Rod Blagojevich home line conference call   SESSION:  451 BLAGOJEVICH “Now Patti works.Read More

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Yesterday, August 26, 2009, the Citizen Wells blog presented an article about Obama’s ties to SEIU, a group that claims to be a union representing working people. “SEIU,Service Employees International Union, thugs have been a prominent feature at many of the town hall meetings on health care. Did you ever wonder why they were there. This article from American Thinker on January 6, 2009, months before these town hall meetings, will shed some light on their presence.” Read more Today, August 27, 2009, a great commenter on this blog alertedRead More

Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Representative, Illegal aliens, August 24, 2009 press conference, No respect for the law, Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, What about US citizens' rights?

Is there something in the water in Illinois? I have heard from reliable sources that drug use among politicians in Chicago is rampant. Obviously there is no respect for the US Constitution or rule of law. And all of this is coming from the “Land of Lincoln.” So what is Representative Jan Schakowsky of IL on? She obviously has no respect for the laws of the US! “From Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s (D-IL) remarks at an August 24, 2009 press conference held in Chicago by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant andRead More

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To read the limo driver story questions and answers between Citizen Wells and Larry Sinclair, click here:     Larry Sinclair has made allegations that he had multiple encounters with Barack Obama from November 3 through November 8 1999. One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the past he has helped illegal aliens. There was a Paramjit Singh Multani, from India, in thisRead More