Unemployed data, Facts, May 8, 2010, Unemployment rate rises to 9.9 %, Employment rises 290,000, Emergency Unemployment Compensation rises 153,786

Unemployed data, Facts, May 8, 2010, Unemployment rate rises to 9.9 % Three things happened last week that caused me to ponder what is going on with our economy. The stock market plunged. Confusing numbers from the government about employment and unemployment were released. Many colleges were winding down their academic year. With this comes millions of young adults entering the work force part time or full time. What kind of job market will they encounter? Consider these numbers and data released last week by the Federal Government. Nonfarm payrollRead More

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“What is 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.”….Is this a joke? Wells All you need to know about health care reform   What is the current attempt by Obama and liberal Democrats at health care reform all about? Appeasing their far left core support. More control over the American people to get votes. Payback to trial lawyers and other big supporters (refer to contribution table above). Achieving the goals of far left, socialist, communists who are controlling the party with the goal of redistribution ofRead More

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The Citizen Wells blog has a page devoted to the timeline of the Philip J Berg lawsuit that has been served on Obama, the DNC and the FEC. Obama must respond to the lawsuit by September 24, 2008. The new page can be accessed from the top of the blog or from this link: http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/philip-j-berg-lawsuit/ Notice the banner below that was on an African website and then later removed. Obama was born in kenya.   From African website Philip J Berg Lawsuit Sequence of Events Aug 21, 2008     Philip JRead More

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The MSM has been giving Obama a free ride. This includes, but is not limited to Meet the Press giving Obama a forum to speak and CNN which moderates and filters blogs to keep out most of the questioning of Obama. Would you like to know the truth about Obama? Below are some of the prominent statements by Obama and below that is a link to another blog that has provided multiple sources of correct information. Read the following statements and then get the truth about Obama: “The March on SelmaRead More

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There are 1 or more people commenting on this blog that are purportedly University of Western Florida students. Responding with comments to my posts is ok. Disagreeing with me is ok. Trying to take over this blog is not. If you need a platform for your agenda, start your own blog. History 101 and the Iraq War Prerequisites: some fundamental knowledge of 20th century history. Closest analogy to Iraq war in past 100 years, World War II. Topic 1 – The Iraq war is costing a lot of money. ThereRead More