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We were in the Pacific Northwest over the past one and a half weeks. Part of this time we were in the Everett, WA area. You remember, where one of the regular attackers of me, this blog, Orly Taitz and others lives. This person, has made nasty, viscious remarks and threats to me for many months and comments that could be construed as death threats to me and others. Well, this bold individual was in striking distance for several days recently. I took the addressses of where this individual supposedlyRead More

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I have been to Everett, WA, just north of Seattle, WA. Some of the most far left, kool aid drinking, Obama obots live there and attack this blog and others questioning Obama. Fortunately I know some good, sane people that live there. Here are some photos from the tea party held in Everett, WA on April 15, 2009. Thanks to commenter nawanawanga for providing the links. Photos from these links: http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-1.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-2.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-3.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-4.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-5.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-6.JPG http://www.blogatroid.com/teaparty/NEW-7.JPG