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Does Obama have knowledge of Donald Young’s murder?, Citizen Wells poll, 87% yes, Reverend Manning says yes

Larry Sinclair has alleged that he and Obama did drugs and had gay sex in November 1999. Sinclair also alleges that Donald Young contacted him prior to his murder in 2007. Donald Young was the gay choir director at Obama’s church. Sinclair alleges that he has phone numbers from his Young contact and will be providing his knowledge to the Chicago Police. A former Chicago restaurant owner heard persistent rumors from the gay community that Obama was down low. The restaurant owner has supplied information to Sinclair’s attorney and hasRead More

Obama poll, April 14 2008, Citizen Wells poll, can Obama win presidency

Here are the latest results of my unscientific poll. The poll has been trending toward a higher percent for No recently. Can Barack Obama win the presidency? Yes          32 %  No           66 % Not sure    2 %

CBS poll March 16 – 17 2008, Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Citizen Wells poll

Here are the current results of my unscientific poll: Is Barack Obama a racist? Yes          65 %        No           28 %         Not sure   7 %  Here are the results of a CBS poll taken after the controversy around Barack Obama escalated about his long time association with pastor Jeremiah Wright and his racist and anti American statements: VIEWS OF BARACK OBAMA                      All voters      Democratic primary voters                         Now 2/07             Now 2/07 Favorable       44% 45%              63% 69% Unfavorable   30% 23%              17%  8% Undecided/ Haven’t heard 26% 32%              19%Read More