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Mr. Smith goes to Washington, 2010 elections, People not platitudes, Citizen Wells open thread, October 4, 2010

Mr. Smith goes to Washington, 2010 elections, People not platitudes I had already generally decided what I was going to write this morning by late afternoon yesterday. Later I discovered that TCM was playing “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” starring Jimmy Stewart. Of course I had to watch it again. Perhaps the movie is a bit sentimental, a bit schmaltzy. Well, I like it and I like what the movie and Jimmy Stewart stand for. I am also reminded of another favorite of mine, “It’s a Wonderful Life” also starring JimmyRead More

2010 elections, Congress cleansing, House, Senate, January 2010, November elections will change our history

We are poised for success in November 2010. By success, I do not mean dominance by either party, a Republican or Democrat platform or agenda. I mean a fundamental change in party politics and the way that Congress and the American people interact. We will no longer allow the jackasses in Congress and the White House to ignore the American people and try to implement an agenda that is unconstitutional, un American and un popular. Let’s roll.

Happy New Year, January 1, 2010, God bless America, 2010 elections, Take back America

Thanks to all of you who read and contributed to the Citizen Wells blog over the past year. This blog is truly a group effort of Americans and concerned citizens from other countries who care about the future of this country. We must continue to fight to take this country back in 2010. The upcoming elections will be a turning point in the history of America. We are fighting for the survival of this country and the future of generations to come. The “Greatest Generation” worked hard and fought aRead More

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“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”…Karl Marx “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”   2010 Elections   What I am about to say may be the most important words I have ever written or uttered. We have an emergency. When you are up to your @#&! in alligators, you don’t question why you forgot to drain the swamp. We have an illegal, usurper, out of control, socialist, radical, communist Obama Administration. We have a Congress with no regard for the US Constitution, rule ofRead More

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This is not the article I promised on Harry Reid but it is part of raising awareness on how to kick Harry Reid out of office.   Dear Fellow Conservative, I’m running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada to kick liberal Democrat Harry Reid out of office once and for all. Harry Reid supports big government and all that comes with it – tax hikes, wasteful spending and government takeovers. If we retire him, we can bring the runaway liberalism in Washington to a screeching halt. Will you follow thisRead More