Stop Lady Hillary Before It’s Too Late, NewsMax June 19, 2000, Dan Frisa, She craves power so desperately that she will like her husband do whatever it takes to win

Stop Lady Hillary Before It’s Too Late, NewsMax June 19, 2000, Dan Frisa, She craves power so desperately that she will like her husband do whatever it takes to win


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Apparently their archives only go back to 2007.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax June 19, 2000 .

“Stop Lady Hillary Before It’s Too Late

Lady Hillary wants to be president of the United States, there can be no doubt. Everything about her speaks to this unspeakable fact: She craves power so desperately that she will, like her husband, do whatever it takes to win, which has nothing whatever to do with the U.S. Senate from New York other than to secure a launching pad for the presidency.

The mere fact that she chose to run from New York says all that is needed to know about her true motivation, which is why she “shopped” the country for the most likely place from which to begin her White House bid.

New York is inherently a liberal state, even more so in recent years, thereby giving her the best chance to win election in 2000 so as to best position herself for a run at the top prize, especially given the state’s prominence on the national scene. So whether it be for four years or more, she has calculated that a stop-off in the Senate is the path she must trod before moving up.

That this is so should be clear to any objective observer. She has tolerated repeated public humiliation at the hands of her philandering husband, yet promotes a transparent and cynical charade merely to sustain his power long enough to tap it for herself.

She has instigated and perpetrated numerous wrongful acts to maintain that hold on power, which defies any logical explanation other than her burning desire to have it and possess it exclusively on her own.

Her misconduct and abuse of her unique position in this administration have been geared solely to a consolidation of power that she alone can use to advance her ultimate ambition.

So consumed is she that she has forgone no thing, left no stone unturned, and been repulsed from no low perceived as necessary to achieving her end.

This is what is truly at stake in this Senate contest in New York: the raw craving of power by a soul devoid of heart, an operative who knows no bounds, and a zealot consumed with power for power’s sake itself.

And that is why it is essential that Lady Hillary be stopped and stopped for good. Because to not cut out this cancer and remove it from the body politic now is to invite its pervasive spread throughout our entire culture, eating and destroying the very fabric of our society, which can sustain no further disease than what she has to date inflicted upon us, and from which will already take far too long to recover.

* * *
Republican-Conservative Dan Frisa represented New York in the United States Congress and served four terms in the New York State Assembly.”

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