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Larry Sinclair is posting the transcript of the real Sarah Obama tape stating she was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. A fake tape has been circulating on the internet for the past several days. Larry Sinclair
received the affadavit and transcript from Philip J Berg who was waiting to translate and authenticate the tape.

Here is Larry Sinclair’s explanation regarding the fake tape:

I put up a post telling people yesterday a “video” link claiming to be the “smoking gun….” was not associated with Phil Berg and was in fact a scam just like the Axelrod orchestrated API fraud.

People said I was wrong, that it was a Berg video.

Maybe this will make it clear I only post things that I know to be true.


Hi Larry,

You were correct, that is not Obama’s grandmother
saying the words the video claims. See below.

Attached Message

Subject:Bogus video
Date:Sat, 01 Nov 2008
07:17:55 -0700

Phil & Lisa,

I have viewed the Youtube video claiming to translate what Obama’s grandmother is saying and I believe it is bogus. The on screen script showing “nate dhalani” is not a recognized swahili phrase, and neither word is recognized as a swahlili word. I tried watching her mouth, and what is in the audio does not match anything.

For her to say “Barack was born here”, she would say “Barack zaliwa hapa”. For her to say, “he was born in this village”, she would say “zaliwa za kijiji hi”. I would put something out distancing ourselves from this video. I think it is an Obama attempt to get Phil’s name connected to a bogus translation.

Bishop McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America”

View the sworn affadavit and transcript and listen to the audio here:

Help Philip J Berg uphold the Constitution:

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