Rhino Times October 10, 2013, Obama punishes Americans in federal government shutdown, John Hammer exposes Barack Obama, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away

Rhino Times October 10, 2013, Obama punishes Americans in federal government shutdown, John Hammer exposes Barack Obama, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away

“President Barack Hussein Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School yet he appears to have no respect for history.”

“According to Forbes, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away.”…John Hammer, Rhino Times Oct 10, 2013 

“Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have any Sheriffs with a pair?”…AZ representative Brenda Barton

“Obama is by character and preference, a dictator…Like Hitler, he needs a powerful domestic army to terrify any opposition that might arise…Obama will put a thin veneer of training and military structure on urban gangs and send them out to channel their violence against Obama’s enemies.”…Orson Scott Card, Rhino Times May 16, 2013



From the Rhino Times October 10, 2013.
“The federal government is shut down, but I have to admit I don’t miss it. According to Forbes, the shutdown only effects 13 percent of the federal government.

It appears that President Barack Hussein Obama is using his power as president to make the shutdown look as dire as possible. Not only are national parks closed, but in Florida the federal government has closed the ocean. Florida Bay, 1,100 square miles of ocean, is closed to fishermen. The US Park Police, which doesn’t have time to leave the bay open and let people fish, has rangers out enforcing the closure and making sure that people don’t fish.

It is incredible but along the same lines as closing the World War II Memorial, which is an open air memorial that normally people can visit 24 hours a day unassisted. There appear to be a couple of reasons for closing the memorial. One is that Obama seems to hate the military, and the other is because it is supposed to create bad publicity for the Republicans who, according to Obama, closed down the government.

The Republicans in the House offered a number of compromises, but the Democrats, who control the Senate, and Obama refused to compromise. The last compromise offered by the Republicans was to delay the individual mandate for Obamacare for a year. Obama already delayed the mandate for employers with over 50 employees, so some parts of Obamacare are negotiable.

According to Forbes, 80 percent of nonmilitary funding involves taking money from taxpayers and giving it away. These programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and disability, are not affected by the shutdown.

So 80 percent of the work of the government continues shutdown or no shutdown.

It seems that as most of what goes on in Washington, this shutdown is mostly just rhetoric. How bad can it be for nonessential government employees to go home? Most businesses sent their nonessential employees home a long time ago, if they hadn’t already been shown the door. The economy since 2008 has forced companies to get rid of deadweight to stay in business. While government has simply continued to grow.

A president who really cared about the American people would do everything he could as the chief of the executive branch to make the shutdown as easy on the American people as possible. It wasn’t the World War II veterans who tried to visit the World War II memorial that caused the shutdown, but they are among the ones paying the price because Obama has ordered the memorial to close. It takes more personnel to close the memorial than to leave it open.

The National Park Service not only closed Yellowstone, it locked guests in a hotel on the property. And when they were allowed to leave, the park service refused to allow the bus to stop at a privately operated facility in the park for a bathroom break. They were also denied the opportunity to get out of the bus and take photos of a herd of bison because the park rangers said they were not allowed to “recreate” on park property. Is refusing to let a group of senior citizens use restrooms on a two-and-a-half-hour drive really necessary because the House won’t do what Obama told them to do?

But Obama went one better on the government shutdown.

According to Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s office, a priest was denied access to a military chapel at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay in Georgia. The priest has a contract with the Department of Defense to say Mass for Catholics on the base, but when he arrived to say Mass there was a sign on the door of the chapel that read: “Shutdown: No Catholic service until further notice.”

This is a coup for Obama because it allowed him with one blow to attack two institutions he has no use for – the military and the Catholic Church.
Unfortunately, that was not an isolated incident and priests have been told that they can be arrested if they perform Mass or hold other religious services on military bases.
So a military couple based overseas who want to have their child baptized risk arrest for doing so. Does that make any sense and is that what we want the federal government to be doing – shutdown or no shutdown.

It is clear from his actions that Obama has set out to punish the American people because he is mad with the Republicans in the House of Representatives.
He’s angry with the Republicans in the House because they will not allow him to do whatever he wants to do. Obama wants Obamacare and he wants all the money he can possibly spend. The Republicans simply said, “We’ll give you one, but you can’t have both.”

Obama is probably also mad because due to the shutdown he has suspended his weekly golf outings and that must be killing him.”

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