Rhino Times John Hammer rips liberal Greensboro News Record, NC a red state not purple, North Carolina rejected Obama in 2012 and went Republican again in 2014, News Record rubber stamped Obama and Hagan

Rhino Times John Hammer rips liberal Greensboro News Record, NC a red state not purple, North Carolina rejected Obama in 2012 and went Republican again in 2014, News Record rubber stamped Obama and Hagan

“On October 1, 2014 the Greensboro News Record presented one of the most irresponsible and apparently party line editorials that I have read recently. They rubber stamped Obama’s policy of accepting illegal alien children from Central America without proper medical screening and dispersing them throughout the US.”…Citizen Wells

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″




Catching up on my reading this morning.

The Greensboro News Record, part of the liberal mainstream media, has rubber stamped the policies of and endorsed Obama and Kay Hagan.

From John Hammer of the Rhino Times November 13, 2014.

“I love that the liberal mainstream media in Greensboro, i.e., the News & Record, has declared North Carolina a purple state.

Let’s count the reasons why North Carolina is not considered a red state.

One, it is because North Carolina just elected a Democratic senator to go along with Republican Sen. Richard Burr. Oh no, that can’t be right, because beginning in January, North Carolina will have two Republican senators. Republican Speaker of the state House Thom Tillis defeated Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan. But perhaps the N&R hasn’t heard about the results of the election yet.

Maybe it’s a purple state because the Democrats picked up enough seats that the congressional delegation is evenly split. No, that can’t be it because the Democrats lost a seat in the North Carolina congressional delegation and it now stands at 10 Republicans and three Democrats. So that’s an increase from nine Republicans and four Democrats, which would seem to make the state more red.

I know, it’s because in this election the Democrats took over the state Senate and state House so that, even though there is a Republican governor, the state government will be split. That isn’t it either, because the Republicans picked up one seat in the Senate, so it is now 34 Republicans to 16 Democrats.

For those in the mainstream media, that means there are more than twice as many Republicans in the state Senate as there are Democrats. More than two to one. More than double. In other words for those bad with numbers, a lot more.

Then there is the state House. Maybe the Democrats sneaked up and took over the state House while everybody was watching the Senate race. No, that’s not the case either. But maybe this is what everyone is talking about because the Democrats did pick up three seats in the state House, and instead of Republicans having a 77-to-43 majority, the Republicans now have a 74-to-46 majority.

It’s the only place where the Democrats made any gains in state government. The North Carolina governor is a Republican, the North Carolina state House has a comfortable majority of Republicans, the state Senate has a huge majority of Republicans, the state Supreme Court has a majority of Republicans, the state now has two Republican US senators, and 10 Republicans out of 13 US congressmen.

In 2012, North Carolina voted for the Republican candidate for president and elected a Republican governor, majorities in both houses of the state legislature and a Republican majority on the state Supreme Court. So all of this is not brand new.

It would seem that as long as there is a Democratic elected official in North Carolina it will be listed as a purple state because it is hard to imagine how much more Republican North Carolina could get.

It’s funny what the mainstream media do instead of reporting the news. They just makes stuff up. There is a good reason to consider North Carolina purple if you happen to be far left-wing liberals like most of the folks at the N&R, and that is because if Democrats think that North Carolina is a red state, meaning that Republicans are going to win, then fewer Democrats will vote. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. But what is really unfortunate for the liberals, like those at the N&R, is that North Carolina is a red state and it is really hard for them to accept.

In 2008, Barack Hussein Obama won North Carolina by 14,000 votes, which is nearly nothing. If there had been a recount Obama might easily have lost the state. But there was no need for a recount because it didn’t make any difference – Obama was elected president by a wide enough margin that North Carolina wasn’t an issue. But he won by slimmest of margins and Obama had coattails. It’s not unusual, but it was a one-time event. The country will never elect its first black president again. That has been done. But because six years ago some Democrats won doesn’t make North Carolina in 2014 a purple state.”

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