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We were in Greensboro, NC over the weekend and as usual picked up a copy of the Rhino Times, one of the few newsprint outlets in NC that tell it like it is. Unlike other papers in large cities of North Carolina such as the Charlotte Observer, they did not drink the kool aid and attempted to expose the truth about the real Barack Obama. Editor in chief, John Hammer, is in the forefront of exposing Obama with his column “Under The Hammer.”

Here is a segment from “Under The Hammer” dated April 30, 2009:

“Under the Hammer  




April 30, 2009It appears we have elected a man president whose main claim to fame is that he reads well from a teleprompter. Whatever is there he reads with a predictable pacing that people seem to like. When it said “privacy” on the screen instead of “piracy,” he read privacy even though it made no sense.

When the teleprompter can’t keep up he motions for it to move faster and apologizes to the audience. Wouldn’t it be nice if he had some idea what he was saying and could give a five-minute speech without having to read the exact words off a screen?

I guess we are getting what we deserve. For years the media has allowed people who sit in front of cameras and read from teleprompters to call themselves journalists or reporters. Many are not. They don’t write the stories, they just read them, like Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Ron Burgundy in Anchorman. These caricatures are all too real. But nobody wants to admit that the people reading the news on television are often just pretty faces who read well. We pretend that they actually go out, get the information and write the stories even though we know it isn’t true.

When Dan Rather got caught with a false story about former President George W. Bush, he of course blamed it on his producer – the person who actually researched and wrote the story – while at the same time not admitting that he didn’t write his own news.

So for years we have had people pretending to be reporters and the nation has gone along with the farce. Now we have a man pretending to be president. He has the same skill set as the network newsreaders: He reads well from a teleprompter. We know that he will read whatever is there because we do not have a problem with “privacy” on the high seas. The scary part is that Obama doesn’t flinch or get a puzzled expression on his face when the teleprompter is wrong; he just continues to read whatever is put before him on the teleprompter.

We know that he will stop reading when the teleprompter can’t keep up because he doesn’t ad lib. He stops and tells the technician to get it fixed.

When he was in France, Obama said that he didn’t know what the word for “wheeling and dealing” was in Austrian. It is a true statement because Austrian is not a language any more than American is a language. The people in Austria mostly speak German. Americans mostly speak English.

Imagine if former President George W. Bush had made that statement. In fact, former Vice President Dan Quayle said something similar about knowing Latin when he was going to Latin America. The press made great fun of him over and over again, but it is a statement that makes sense. If you know Latin you can understand some Spanish, as well as other romance languages.

The press made Quayle out to be an idiot for making a perfectly reasonable statement. Obama made a statement about a language that does not exist, and that is not even mentioned in the mainstream media.

To find out about Obama’s mistakes you are better off reading British newspapers than American newspapers, or you can watch Fox News.”

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