Reverend Manning video, Obama, Russert, Cafferty, Dean, Edwards, Casey, Byrd, CNN, Bigot Awards, May 28, 2008

The Reverend James Manning continues to tell it like it is regarding Obama, his associations and Main Stream Media. Reverend Manning, who has stated that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals, has taken aim at those supporting Obama, including the MSM.

Here is the Bigot Award list and Reverend Manning’s comments:

7.  Tim Russert: mediocre status reporter for MSNBC who has a fond spiritual relationship with Obama.

6. Jack Cafferty: gained importance by biased reporting in favor of Obama.
Patronizing to lift his poor white status.

5. Howard Dean: biased and prejudicial in favor of Obama.

4. John Edwards: has lived a double life in 2 americas. He lives on the wealthy side and fishes for votes on the poor side. Hypocritical support of Obama.

3. Bob casey: his Teeny bopper daughters had crush on Obama.
Casey’s district voted 71% Hillary.

2. Robert Byrd: called Dr. King communist agitator and coward.
He is a racist KKK trying to burn his sheet by endorsing Obama.
Hillary took the WV primary by 41%. He nullified big primary win.
1st class bigot.

1. CNN: Cable Negro News for Obama.

Many of us know of the hypocrisy demonstrated by the above.

God bless reverend Manning for speaking out.

Here is the Reverend Manning video:

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