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There has been no ruling from Judge Surrick on the response from Philip J
Berg to the motion filed by Barack Obama to dismiss the lawsuit. Mr. Berg
filed the lawsuit on August 21, 2008, stating that Obama is not Qualified
to be president. Instead of providing a vault COLB or pledge of allegiance
to the US, Obama filed a motion to dismiss. John McCain provided a vault
COLB to congress.

Citizen Wells reported on September 25, 2008 that Philip J Berg was prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court. came out with an article on October 4, 2008 that also quotes Mr. Berg as being prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court. I am told that Rush Limbaugh, among others, visits worldnetdaily. I have reason to believe that Rush has been visiting the Citizen Wells blog. Here are some quotes from Mr. Berg in the article:
“DNC steps in to silence lawsuit over Obama birth certificate”

October 04, 2008

By Drew Zahn
“I think it’s outrageous,”
“The Democratic National Committee should be ensuring the Democratic Party and the public that they have a qualified candidate up there. To file a joint motion is like they’re in cahoots.”
“Since then, I have asked by way of press release that Howard Dean resign, because (the DNC members) are not fulfilling their duties,”
“The DNC has a responsibility to all Democrats in this country to make sure that all of their candidates are properly vetted and properly qualified,”
“I think it’s really an outrage to the 18-plus million people who voted for Obama and the people who donated more than $425 million to him under false pretenses.”


“I should also be suing the national media and their disgrace for not properly vetting, inspecting or checking on Barack Obama.”
“Look what they’re doing to Governor Palin: They’re opening up her closet doors, they’re going through everything personal, but no one has ever gone after Obama. It doesn’t make sense,”
If his lawsuit is dismissed Berg responded:

“immediately file an appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and if we don’t get a fair ruling there, immediately to the U.S. Supreme Court.”
“We’re dealing with the U.S. Constitution and it must be followed,”
“I want the Constitution enforced; that’s my main reason for doing this.”
“The real outrage is that there’s nothing in our system that provides that a candidate must provide that his qualifications are true and correct before he or she runs, and that safeguard should be put into our system by law,”
Read the World Net Daily article here:

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