Philip Berg praises Trump criticizes CNN for weak Obama Sister Maya Soetoro interview, Maya stated Obama born in 2 hospitals

Philip Berg praises Trump criticizes CNN for weak Obama Sister Maya Soetoro interview, Maya stated Obama born in 2 hospitals

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“Why do Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck continue to ridicule intelligent Americans who question Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility status?”…Citizen Wells

From Philip J. Berg

For Immediate Release:  – 04/13/2011
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Obama’s Sister Maya Soetoro-NG
was treated lightly on
CNN Piers Morgan Tonight
by not being asked
the critical question
Why on two [2] different interviews
did you state that your brother Obama was
born at two [2] different hospitals ?
Phil Berg’s Birthday wish – April 13th
Expose Obama/Soetoro for the fraud, phony & imposter that he is;
this is the biggest ‘HOAX’ against ‘our’ U.S. in our history
Berg thanks Donald Trump
for bringing the “Birth Certificate” issue
to all Citizens of the United States
(Lafayette Hill, PA – 04/13/11) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama on August 21, 2008 challenging Obama’s lack of “Constitutionally Eligibility” to serve as President of the United States stated that Obama’s sister, Maya, was treated lightly last night, April 12th on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show as she was not asked why on two [2] different interviews she stated that her brother, Barack or rather Barry, was born in two [2] different hospitals in Hawaii.
Berg said, “Apparently, Piers Morgan, has joined the so called ‘Free Press’ and media by avoiding the hard facts regarding where Obama was born.  It is a shame that Piers Morgan did not live up to his reputation of being a tough interviewer.
Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-NG was interviewed by Bennett Guira of Rainbow Edition, Volume 2, Issue 3 in November 2004.  In this article, entitled “A New Face in Politics”, it is stated in the first paragraph “Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.” [emphasis added]  However, Maya Soetoro-Ng was interviewed again by Laurie Au with the Start Bulletin in February 2008 under the headline “Obama backers stress importance of caucuses”.  In the Star Bulletin interview, Maya Soetoro-Ng stated:
“This is a place that’s been relatively unchanged for him, and so much of who he is was born here,” Soetoro-Ng told a crowd of about 200 people eating “OBAMAsadas.”
“He was born in Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, two blocks up from where our grandmother still resides … the place where he used to stick orange peels under his bed, where it got all dried out and … nasty.”  [emphasis added]
Berg said, “Piers asked soft questions of Maya regarding where her brother was born and completely failed to address and/or question the contradicting statements by Obama’s sister.”
Berg continued, “I am so proud of Donald Trump as he has raised the issue of Obama’s birth even hoping that Obama will prove he was born in Hawaii.  However, Trump has stated that the more he looks into the issue, the more he believes that Obama was not born in Hawaii.
Therefore, a perfect time Tuesday night for Piers to ask the tough question that he failed to do.  I am sure that many people tuned in to Piers last night to see Piers ask Maya the question that has haunted her since 2008.  Piers failed !”
Berg said, “I believe Piers did not want to be involved in the “Birther” issue, but many people tuned in to see the rare interview of Maya.  Piers gave Maya and Obama a break they did not deserve.
I will continue my efforts to expose Soetoro/Obama for the fraud, phony and imposter he is and this is the biggest ‘HOAX’ against ‘our’ country in ‘our’ history; over 234 years.” 
Phil Berg’s Birthday wish – April 13th: Expose Obama/Soetoro for the fraud, phony & imposter that he is; this is the biggest ‘HOAX’ against ‘our’ United States in our history.  Send to my web site: $2.01 [or $20.11 or $201.10 or $2,011.00] to cover the costs to expose Obama this year [2011].  I am about to file another law suit against Obama as I believe he is not ‘natural born’, not ‘naturalized’, but Obama is an ‘illegal alien’ as it appears he returned at age ten [10] to the United States on his Indonesia Passport and therefore, his term as a U.S. Senator from Illinois was fraud and Obama should not have been a U.S. Senator and also, cannot be President.
Berg said, “Obama’s ‘LEGAL NAME’ is Barry Soetoro, his name when he was adopted or acknowledged by his Step-Father, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia. Obama refers to his Step-Father, Lolo Soetoro, in one of his books.  Also, on our web site,, we have detailed all of the facts that substantiate ‘Soetoro/Obama is a fraud, a phony, an imposter and this is the biggest ‘HOAX’ against ‘our’ country in ‘our’ history.  We have a copy of his school record in Indonesia where his name is Barry Soetoro !
Yes, one can use a fictitious name, but not for fraudulent purposes.  And by being a candidate for President, the use of Barrack Hussein Obama is fraud.
There is no evidence that we have uncovered, nor has Soetoro/Obama put forth, that he legally changed his name after returning to the United States from Indonesia at age ten [10].”
Berg continued, “It is time for our so called ‘Free Press’ to do what they used to do and that is vet candidates and in this case, Soetoro/Obama.
We are in a Constitutional crisis and it will only get worse.
Soetoro/Obama is not ‘Constitutionally Eligible’ to be President and therefore, everything he has done, all appointments and all signings are voidable.
I am basing this on the research that we and others have done that the overwhelming actual and circumstantial evidence is that Soetoro/Obama was born in Mombasa Kenya Africa and with only one [1] parent, his mother, a U.S. citizen, and by the law in effect on August 4, 1961, she could not convey ‘natural born’ status to Soetoro/Obama.”  
Berg states, “Shortly, I will continue to expose Soetoro/Obama by filing another False Claims [Qui Tam] case that I am preparing to file with the additional facts that Attorney General Eric Holder is in a position of Conflict-of-Interest and therefore, he and his staff in the U.S. Attorney General’s Office and Department of Justice should ‘Conflict out’ of the case and appoint a Special Prosecutor. 
Also, we will continue putting pressure on Republicans and Darryl Issa (R. California) to hold Hearings to verify if Soetoro/Obama is ‘Constitutionally Eligible’ to be President of the United States.”
Berg said, “I hope that everyone in our country realizes the freedoms that we all enjoy that came forth from our Forefathers who gave us ‘our’ U.S. Constitution, ‘our’ Declaration of Independence and ‘our’ Bill of Rights.”
Berg continued, “We are in a Constitution crisis that must be resolved ASAP.  We, citizens of the United States, are laughed at around the world as it is general knowledge that Soetoro/Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa and Obama/Soetoro is a Fraud, a Phony, an Imposter and he has put forth the greatest ‘Hoax’ in the history of the United States, over 234 years ! will also be putting pressure on the Republicans as they now control in the U.S. House for Hearings to verify if Obama is ‘Constitutionally Eligible’ to be President of the United States.  Keep watching our website,, for further details.” 
Berg concluded, “The crucial issues regarding Soetoro/Obama, the ‘IMPOSTER’, continue to grow.  However, the most important issue is Obama not being ‘Constitutionally Eligible’ to be President: 1) not being ‘natural born’, being born in Mombasa, Kenya; and 2) even more important, the fact that Obama was ‘adopted’ or legally ‘acknowledged’ by his Step-Father, Lolo Soetoro, and his school record in Indonesia indicates the ‘Imposter’s’ name is ‘Barry Soetoro’, his nationality being ‘Indonesia’ and his religion being ‘Islam’.  Obama, the Imposter’s legal name is ‘Barry Soetoro’.  If Soetoro/Obama has not legally changed his name, his legal name is Barry Soetoro!  Yes, one can use an alias, but not for fraudulent purposes; and Soetoro/Obama is.  Soetoro/Obama must be stopped !  Soetoro/Obama’s agenda must be stopped!” 
Donations are needed ASAP and very appreciated
to help cover our expenses to continue to Defend “our” U.S. Constitution
My Birthday is April 13th and I am requesting everyone to
please contribute $2.11, $20.11, $201.10, $2,011.00 or $20,110.00
so we can expose Soetoro/Obama in 2011 for the fraud he is !  
You may donate on our web site:
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