Obamacare triggers millions of healthcare policy cancellations, Rep Cory Gardner questioned insurance company executives, Businesses facing increased healthcare costs will drop employee coverage

Obamacare triggers millions of healthcare policy cancellations, Rep Cory Gardner questioned insurance company executives, Businesses facing increased healthcare costs will drop employee coverage

“Your employer’s known about it for the longest time, just like everybody else has.  We had a call. The guy couldn’t go on the air. He was afraid to go on the air. He was afraid he would be recognized.  He told Snerdley his name. He’s a health care consultant. What did he say, 15 companies that he’s consulting?  (interruption)  Yeah.  (interruption)  Oh, okay. He’s a health care consultant.

In other words, he advises companies on how to best do health care, the most affordable pricing with the least expense involved and so forth.  He said that so far he’s consulting 15 different companies/corporations who are gonna offload all their employees.  He’s also advising them on the 30-hour workweek and what that will mean for them (i.e., part-timers don’t have to get covered at all). “…Rush Limbaugh May 8, 2014

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From WND May 7, 2014.

“Insurance execs: Millions of health plans to be canceled”

“Millions of American families still must face the catastrophic loss of their health insurance policies because of Obamacare, members of Congress learned at a hearing with insurance company executives this week.

They will join the millions of families who lost their policies over the last six months, also because of Obamacare, the company executives confirmed.

It was at a hearing of the Energy & Commerce Committee that Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., grilled a half-dozen insurance company executives appearing before the committee on who was responsible for the previous round of policy cancellations, and who should face blame for the next round.

A statement on Gardner’s website said, “The witnesses confirmed that these [previous] cancellation notices were sent out due to the president’s healthcare law. It was also disclosed that millions more Americans will see their plans canceled when the president’s healthcare law is fully enforced.”

The conflict arose over Barack Obama’s publicly and repeatedly stated promise: “If you like your health-care plan, you can keep it.”

But estimates are that about six million policies were canceled as the new law started applying its requirements and consumers’ old policies no longer were “compliant” with Obamacare, that is, they didn’t include some demand of the new law, such as coverage for abortifacients.

The policies were canceled, and consumers were told they were required to find new insurance.”
“When Gardner asked the insurance executives the reason for the previous and coming cancellations – he asked whether it “was because of Obamacare or because of you” – they said without hesitation it was because of the requirements of Obamacare.

“The law required us to send those cancellations,” one executive said.

Asked specifically about Obama’s promise that consumers could keep their plans if they liked them,” an executive said, “That was not true for 100 percent of our customers.””

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From Rush Limbaugh May 8, 2014.

“Media Knew the Truth About Obamacare”

“RUSH:  Yeah. Well, wait ’til you get to the non-retired employees.  They’re gonna get hit with this, too.  That’s what’s kind of disingenuous. Look, I don’t want to get the Kaiser people mad at me.  There’s nothing to be gained by that. But, for crying out loud, here! They’ve known about this.

They’ve got this big news story from yesterday warning people (scoffs) that this is going to happen, and they’re saying that there may be something they can do to help this situation. But, I mean, for crying out loud! Everybody who supported Obamacare has got to accept a share of responsibility for this.

Everybody who supported this, everybody who knew what was in it and didn’t tell anybody this was in it, is responsible.  Two years ago! Go back to RushLimbaugh.com. You can read transcripts of it being discussed on this program.  Again, I want to make the point: It was supposed to have been implemented in January of this year, 2014.

Right now, all these cancellations you’ve heard about? Those are just the self-insured.  Those are not people that get their health insurance at work.  You’ve heard enough horror stories from those people, what the replacement costs are, what the premiums and the deductibles are — doubled and tripled — and what’s happening to the copays.

All along we reminded people, “Wait, those of you who are covered at work? This doesn’t affect you yet.  Your time is coming.”  It was supposed to have arrived with January.  But the Regime delayed it.  Can you imagine, just in this guy’s example, if hundreds of thousands of people in January had been off-loaded to HealthCare.gov with the mess that was?

Can you imagine? We wouldn’t just be talking about a wave Republican victory; we would be talking about the funeral of the Democrat Party, and the Regime knew this.  That’s why this has been delayed until after the election, and there are couple of other elements of Obamacare that have moved back beyond 2016 and the presidential race.

AT&T, all along, has been saying that Obamacare was gonna cost them over $1 billion a year, and this is how they are going to get out of that, in part.  So the Kaiser report here is a warning story.  “Ah, ah! Heads up! Warning! Guess what?  Your employer is even now thinking about doing this.”  Well, of course your employer is! ”

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