Obama thrown under bus by Democrats or Daniel Frawley or Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich or Stuart Levine or William Cellini, Obama exits 2012 race?

Obama thrown under bus by Democrats or Daniel Frawley or Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich or Stuart Levine or William Cellini, Obama exits 2012 race?

“Why has the mainstream media avoided coverage of the William Cellini
trial? Why are Chicago news stories being scrubbed or
altered?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Will Obama be thrown under the bus”

From Citizen Wells June 27, 2011.

“I am not certain if Obama controls the Democrat party and they are
concerned about 2012. Will the Democrats throw Obama under the bus?”

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From the Chicago Daily Observer August 18, 2011.

“Something strange is afoot in a Presidential campaign. To be specific,
something odd is going on within President Barack Obama’s reelection

It’s enough to make a person wonder if — with the President’s approval
numbers now at an all time low — there’s an escape plan being hatched
for the 44th President.

Consider Obama’s remarks in June on the Today Show when he said his
family is “not invested” in a second term. He told the interviewer “If
I said, you know guys, I want to do something different, they’d be
fine with that.”

Realize that everything that is said in interviews is planned and
rehearsed in the White House. Nothing is just off- the- cuff in White
House interviews. The same is true with White House spokespeople.

So consider what Obama’s campaign spokesperson (and former press
secretary) Robert Gibbs said this month. On the same day that Obama’s
approval numbers dipped to their lowest, Gibbs said Obama is “quite
comfortable” being a one-term president in order to address issues he
is concerned about.

The two comments are not merely coincidental. They are planned,
formulated, tested and have a goal in mind. Is that goal to make
President Obama appear to be less ambitious for power? Is it to make
more people rise up and support the President? The answer is a “no” to
both theories.

No President who is campaigning for reelection suggests – or has his
spokespeople suggest – that he doesn’t need another term. Can you
remember another President, in the midst of a reelection, suggesting
that he doesn’t need another term?”

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Commenter Bessie, who has been correct about Daniel Frawley news,
placed the following comment on Citizen Wells and on the Chicago Daily
“Frawley’s sentencing date has been postponed again, this time at his
request….Don’t worry though he has the best sentencing lawyer in the
country Jeffrey Steinbech and he’s working “pro-bono”.”
What is going on with Daniel Frawley?

From Citizen Wells August 3, 2011.

“Has Daniel Frawley been talking to the Feds? Apparently Frawley will
be sentenced on August 24, 2011. This comes after his sentencing
hearing was suddenly delayed recently. A Chicago SunTimes article
dated July 11, 2011 indicated that Frawley has been cooperating with
the Feds.

“UPDATE: After this story was published Monday morning, U.S. District
Judge Ronald A. Guzman canceled Daniel T. Frawley’s sentencing
hearing, which had been scheduled for Tuesday. Court records did not
indicate why Guzman did this. Frawley’s sentencing had not been
Daniel T. Frawley once teamed with Tony Rezko — the political fixer
who’s now in jail — in what turned out to be a doomed effort to open a
training school for Iraqi security forces in western Illinois. Now,
Frawley faces a federal prison stretch of his own.

On Tuesday, the 60-year-old onetime Chicago cop is set to appear
before a federal judge for sentencing after pleading guilty in
February in a $4.4 million bank fraud.

The scheme appears to have no connection to Rezko, the Wilmette
businessman who was once a prolific campaign fund-raiser for
politicians including the current president, Barack Obama, and the
recently convicted former governor, Rod Blagojevich.

Still, federal prosecutors are seeking a reduced sentence for Frawley
— of a year and a half in prison, rather than the 35 years he could
face — apparently because Frawley has been secretly cooperating since
at least 2006 in their investigation of Rezko, who was found guilty in
June 2008 of having used his clout with the Blagojevich administration
to enrich himself and his business associates.

Details about Frawley’s cooperation with the U.S. attorney’s office,
the FBI and the Illinois attorney general’s office can be gleaned from
a 65-page court deposition he gave seven months ago…”

“Frawley: “Yes, I had a conversation with Mr. Weaver where he
instructed me not to cooperate.”
Frawley: “I was on the phone, making a phone call to Tony Rezko. I had
a luncheon engagement with him.”

“George was outside of the room where I was making the telephone call,
and the purpose of the call was for me to keep my luncheon engagement
with Tony Rezko and to go over and to record Tony Rezko.”

“George saw and heard me on the phone, came running in and went like
this [demonstrating]: Cut it,”

Franklin: “For the record, the deponent is crossing his hands across
his throat.”

Konicek: “And Tony Rezko was where when you were speaking to him?”

Frawley: “He was on the other end of the phone. I don’t recall where he was.”
Konicek: “I’m assuming the information is about the payments made by
Rezko to Obama, so we know we’re talking about the right conversation,

Konicek: “Am I correct it was about Obama being paid by Rezko?”

Frawley: “I’m not answering that question, based upon my attorney’s

Konicek: “But on March 13, 2006, you’ve already indentified for me
being at 219 South Dearborn. You’re talking to Tony rezko on the
phone, and Mr. Weaver makes this gesture to you, right?”

Frawley: “Mr. Weaver made the gesture and told me to get off the
phone, to end the phone call.”
Konicek: “Okay. And then where were you instructed not to cooperate?”

Frawley: “In the same building, at 219 South Dearborn….in a different room.”
Konicek: “Did you bring to Mr. Weaver in Hinsdale a statement showing
payment to Tony Rezko in the amount of $ 1.5 million?”
Konicek: “Are you going to answer?”

Frawley: “No.”

Konicek: “Are you asserting your Fifth Amendment privilege?”

Frawley: “Yes.””

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The US Justice Department has been protecting Obama before and after the appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General. Holder is under increased scrutiny and increasingly Obama appears to be unelectable. Will the Democrats throw Obama or allow Obama to be thrown under the bus? Or will Obama exit on his own?

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