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“In late December 1783, when General Washington resigned as commander in chief, he visited the Continental Congress for the last time…. General Washington read a brief statement praising the officers and soldiers of the Continental Army for their eight years of service. He also commended “our dear country to the protection of Almighty God.” As he said these words, his voice broke and tears streamed down the general’s cheeks and he was unable to speak for a full minute.”

From “Washington’s Secret War” by Thomas Fleming

“The collective wisdom of the founding fathers astounds me.”

Citizen Wells 

2008 Presidential Election

  States must uphold US Constitution



The DNC, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, et al ramroded Obama through the
DNC Convention and nomination.

Obama stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton. Documented evidence
reveals widespread voter fraud involving Acorn and the Obama camp in
the primaries and general election.

Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. He was born in Kenya and
became an Indonesian citizen. Obama is still Indonesian and is an illegal alien. There is ample proof of this and more is being revealed. Obama has failed to repudiate these facts.

Election officials and Electors in all 50 states and DC will be held
accountable to uphold the US Constitution

The Philip J Berg lawsuit will be taken to the Supreme court if necessary. Lawsuits are constrained by the level of proof placed on the plaintiff.
However, there is no such standard for those bound to uphold the
Constitution. Those swearing an oath of allegiance to the Constitution are being forewarned that with the oath comes a responsibility  and a higher level of recourse for violation of that oath. Consider the following:

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Citizen Wells will be contacting the secretary of state or commonwealth
in all states and will email the following article that reveals the duties to uphold the Constitution:

US Constitution, Federal Election Laws, State Election Laws 

Each state will be notified of the article and the fact that they will be
held accountable. Taking their cue from the Democratic party or other
excuses will not be accepted. Each person sworn to uphold the Constitution will be personally held accountable. Citizen Wells also urges the citizens of each state to make known their desire to uphold the Constitution.

Below is a list of the 50 states and DC. As each state is contacted, this
article will be updated. Please comment with your information and concerns
about your state election officials and electors.

Alabama Emailed 10/27/08

Alaska Email 10/27/08

Arizona Email 10/28/08

Arkansas Email 10/27/08

California Email 10/27/08

Colorado Email 10/27/08

Connecticut Email 10/27/08

Delaware Email 10/28/08

Florida Telephone/email 10/27/08, Florida response – see comment below

Georgia Email 10/28/08

Hawaii Email 10/27/08

Idaho Email 10/27/08


Indiana Email 10/28/08

Iowa Email 10/28/08

Kansas Email 10/28/08

Kentucky Email 10/28/08

Louisiana Email 10/28/08

Maine Email 10/28/08

Maryland Email 10/28/08

Massachusetts Email 10/28/08

Michigan Email 10/28/08

Minnesota Email 10/27/08

Mississippi Email 10/28/08

Missouri Email 10/27/08

Montana Email 10/28/08

Nebraska Email 10/28/08

Nevada Email 10/28/08

New Hampshire Email 10/28/08

New Jersey Email 10/28/08

New Mexico Email 10/27/08

New York Email 10/28/08

North Carolina Telephone/email 10/27/08

North Dakota Email 10/28/08

Ohio Email 10/28/08

Oklahoma Email 10/28/08

Oregon Email 10/28/08

Pennsylvania Telephone/email 10/27/08

Rhode Island Email 10/28/08

South Carolina Email 10/28/08

South Dakota Email 10/28/08

Tennessee Email 10/28/08

Texas Email 10/28/08

Utah Email 10/28/08

Vermont Email 10/28/08


Washington Email 10/28/08

West Virginia Email 10/28/08

Wisconsin Email 10/27/08

Wyoming Email 10/28/08

Dictrict of Columbia






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