Obama Benghazi lies exposed in print in NC, Rhino Times, November 21, 2012, Obama in the midst of an election didn't risk sending in air support or ground troops, Spontaneous protest lie

Obama Benghazi lies exposed in print in NC, Rhino Times, November 21, 2012, Obama in the midst of an election didn’t risk sending in air support or ground troops, Spontaneous protest lie

“The question that I had in my mind, was why did we not do something to protect our forces?”…Charles Woods, father of slain Navy Seal

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”…Barack Obama

“we leave nobody behind”…Barack Obama

From the Rhino Times, in print in NC, November 21, 2012.

“The most amazing aspect of the tragedy in Benghazi and President Barack Hussein Obama’s response is how well it worked for him. Here he was on 9/11 in the middle of an election caught unprepared by al Qaeda. In a country with known al Qaeda activity the Obama administration had refused to give the US ambassador the security forces he needed, which left him vulnerable on 9/11.

No doubt when the situation was first presented to Obama on the afternoon of 9/11, all they knew was that the consulate was under heavy attack and Ambassador Chris Stevens was thought to be in the safe room of the consulate but was out of contact.

Perhaps Obama bet, that the safe room in the consulate would protect Stevens and other State Department employees and that the terrorists would get tired of banging on a locked door and go away. It’s a little like betting a small fire will burn itself out before it becomes a raging forest fire. It does happen, but most people don’t want to take that chance.

For whatever reason Obama decided to not to risk sending in air support or ground troops. He decided not to send any help and to use “Hope” as his strategy. Hope didn’t work and not only did Stevens die, but Sean Smith died with him at the consulate and two CIA operatives, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both former Navy Seals, also died in the fighting hours later at the CIA compound.

Obama was in the midst of an election. He could hardly go out and tell the American people that he hoped everything would work out, so he didn’t send troops or security forces of any kind to aid an ambassador under siege at an American consulate. So the White House came up with what seemed to be a plausible lie ñ that this attack, just like the one in Cairo, was the result of a spontaneous protest over a stupid video and it got out of hand. Why you should not send help to a consulate under attack by a spontaneous mob is still a mystery, but the mainstream media bought it and Obama was reelected.

To give the cover story validity Obama sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice to explain that the attack had been a spontaneous outburst as a result of the video. Rice was perfect for the job for two reasons.

One, as Obama has now said, she had nothing to do with it. She was just a good soldier and went out and said what she was told to say. She had no information on her own. Rice was completely out of the chain of command on this one.

Two, and more importantly, Rice is a black woman, so anyone who criticizes her is by definition racist and sexist. Obama never hesitates to use the race card if it is to his advantage. And his supporters followed through with the accusations of racism and sexism as soon as people were critical of Rice for going on five different shows and telling huge whopping lies on each one.

So Obama and his White House team came up with a story that really doesn’t make any sense and which everyone who knows anything knows is made up. And they found a dupe to sell it to the mainstream media. It helped tremendously that the mainstream media were willing to do everything in their power to get Obama reelected.

The plan worked to perfection because the whole point was simply to push the controversy out past the election. One of the stories that the Obama campaign was trying to sell to the American people was that Osama bin Laden had been killed and the war against terrorism had been won by Obama. That story doesn’t work if al Qaeda attacks and destroys a US consulate, gets in a seven-hour gun battle with personnel at the consulate and at the CIA safe house nearby, and kills four Americans including the American ambassador. The truth makes Obama look weak on fighting terrorism, which of course he is. But it doesn’t matter because it all got pushed past Nov. 6 and now it doesn’t matter what he says. Obama is president for four more years.

Now if Obama wanted to come clean he could go before the American people and says something like, “I made the wrong call. I didn’t want things to escalate just before the election so I was too cautious and I should have sent troops in, or at the very least a fighter jet or an attack helicopter to rescue Chris Stevens and Sean Smith. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty should not have died because troops should have been there to support them long before they were killed by terrorists.” It wouldn’t matter because people can’t take back their votes.

Obama is president. Mitt Romney had a chance to make Benghazi the issue of the foreign affairs debate and he did not. When he tried to make a point about the Benghazi debacle in an earlier debate Obama was rescued by the moderator who corrected Romney, but was wrong herself. It’s why they call the Republican Party the Stupid Party. They allowed Candy Crowley to moderate the debate even after she said she planned to insert herself into the debate and she did, rescuing the president. But from the comments she made before the debate it was obvious that she was a big Obama supporter, so the Republicans have no one but themselves to blame.

With the help of Crowley and Romney the Obama team pushed Benghazi out past the election, and in politics there is no video review or do-overs. However, cover-ups have not worked out well for presidents.

President Richard Milhous Nixon pushed Watergate out past the election, but it caught up with him and he was forced to resign. For a long time only one newspaper in the entire country was interested in Watergate. It happened to be The Washington Post, with its vast resources, and without The Washington Post the truth about Watergate might never have been known.

President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton pushed the Monica Lewinsky affair out past the election and eventually was impeached for perjury. But look at him now ñ he is the revered elder statesman of the Democratic Party. But if it hadn’t been for Lewinsky’s friend Linda Tripp and Lewinsky’s incredible foresight in hiding the blue dress, the American people would have never known that Clinton had been having an affair with a 21-year-old White House intern.

The key for Obama was not to let the mistake of refusing to provide sufficient security for an embassy under attack by al Qaeda on 9/11 keep him from being reelected and it did not.

Now is the time for some brave American to step forward and tell the truth. It looks like they scared the pants off Gen. David Petraeus and he is not going to be the one to tell the story of what really happened. Petraeus did refuse to go along with the huge lies, but he evidently didn’t break any new ground in his testimony. A former general can hardly testify under oath that he looked at a well-planned and coordinated terrorist attack and thought it was a mob protesting a video. Obama, however, who knows nothing about the military can get away with that and he has.

In the Watergate break-in, which resulted in Nixon resigning, felonies were committed, but no one was injured much less killed. For a president to take advantage of a young White House intern is in no way admirable, but no one was injured or killed during Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky.

In the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, four Americans were killed and any number were injured. The Democrats have no interest in what happened, but the Republicans should insist that an investigation be launched and continued until the American people know exactly how and why those Americans died.

Obama has already told so many lies about what happened and his involvement that nothing he says can be trusted. Originally Obama said that he found out about the attack at night. It was no later than 5 p.m. with the sun still shining brightly in Washington, DC, and there is no way that is night. If he can’t even tell the truth about when he found out about the attack, how can the American people believe anything he says about it?”

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