Morgan Freeman challenged by black tea party activist, Freeman called Tea Party racists, Ali Akbar invites Freeman

Morgan Freeman challenged by black tea party activist, Freeman called Tea Party racists, Ali Akbar invites Freeman

On September 24, 2011, after actor Morgan Freeman accused the Tea Party Movement as being racist, I posted the following:

“Morgan Freeman stated:

“The Tea Partiers who are controlling the Republican Party…their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term,”

This is mostly true and is my position as well.

“Freeman said Obama’s election, instead of curbing racism, has “made it worse.””

Absolutely true!

“It is a racist thing,”

This is a lie!

1. Obama, with darker skin color, got the majority of the popular vote in 2008.

2. Obama is not a black man. His highest ethnicity is white!

3. Much of Obama’s past was hiddden or ignored in 2008. More Americans see him now for what he is, a narcissistic, radical, left wing incompetent.

4. I, like most folks in the Tea Party Movement, are not racist. My position is well documented.

So Mr. Freeman, have you been ,living under a rock for over 3 years?

Mr. Freeman, where do you get your information?

And for God’s sake wake up, Obama and the modern day Democrat party and such organizations as ACORN have been using people of color and poor people for years.

Morgan Freeman, would you care to compare research notes?


Are you motivated by skin color?


I welcome your inquiries.”

A black Tea Party member has challenged Freeman.

From One News Now October 6, 2011.

“Activist to actor: Tea party not ‘racist'”

“A black tea party activist is calling actor Morgan Freeman to task for labeling the tea party movement as “racist.””

“Ali Akbar is a black tea party activist and publisher of
“It just got to my soul this time because this is a man I’ve looked up to,” Akbar tells OneNewsnow. “I didn’t grow up with a father so I looked for figures that I could find that were respectable, professional minority men — and he was one of them.
“So it broke my heart that he said that — and it was absolutely untrue,” the activist continues. “This is a movement I personally helped birth. I was part of the staff.”
Now Akbar is asking Freeman to attend a tea party event anywhere in the country. “He’s got to come and see that these are some of the most loving people he’s ever met, who are patriots just like him,” he comments.
Akbar has created a website called to allow tea party supporters to send a message and a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag to Freeman.”

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