Missile controversy, Los Angeles coast, Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. commentary, National security threatened by Obama

Missile controversy, Los Angeles coast, Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. commentary, National security threatened by Obama

From Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D., November 18, 2010.

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Email Briefing: NON-CLASSIFIED
November the 18th, 2010″

“While much of America was caught up with the political intrigue of the recent elections a most grave and alarming event occurred, 30-miles off the coast of Los Angeles.  The incident I reference was the mysterious and completely unexpected firing of a large Cruise or ICBM missile, launched by a sub-surface aquatic platform.  This incident is further momentous and fraught with peril due to the defense systems and protocols in place that should have caught the sub sitting out there in the first place, not to mention when an object went airborne.  Adding an ominous dimension to this already very disturbing event, I fear our national security is truly threatened by a weak man posing as Commander-in-Chief, and who has demonstrated limited problem-solving ability.  What scares me more is the absence of leadership at the highest levels in the Pentagon. 
What America saw on commercial TV was a missile launch, and this same image was captured by NORAD, immediately assessed by a variety of military experts and simultaneously passed forward to a four-star General, who then made almost instant contact with the President.  This IS the system; the protocol in place and practiced frequently – for just a moment like this.  There is no excuse for failure; it is NOT an option.  NORAD and the assessment/response system are one of the most critical missions and tenets of National Defense and its sole purpose of protecting the American people.  Any mistake, any deviation from protocol, any cut corners or casual response, any failure in the system and the most intense review from the highest level is initiated, as well as discipline and even removal from status or position can occur.
Twenty-four hours a day, every day, a team of approximately 150-highly qualified and selected professionals, led by a Brigadier General in conjunction with one of the most sophisticated computer and reporting systems in the world is fed data from different sensors able to detect “missile shots” from any point on the globe.  An unknown missile launch directly off the coast of America would have automatically triggered a well scripted National Security response by NORAD informing the Commander-in-Chief.  The decision to officially announce that North America was not threatened and all the excitement was due to an aircraft leaving a contrail is a decision that reaches beyond the four-star General level and goes directly to a decision made by the Commander-in-Chief.  This is also part of the system in place which can not be altered.

Mr. Obama continues to deceive WE THE PEOPLE, choosing to keep the American people in the dark on an issue that constitutes a real Clear and Present Danger.  It is quite understandable why Americans view most of what comes out of our government’s official statements as well intended deceptions, purposeful misinformation, or conversely, muted with no explanation.  It is equally understandable why so many believe there are actually conspiracies at work within our government to keep Americans confused and mind controlled.  Other country’s leaders have assessed Mr. Obama as morally weak, conflicted, and with the results of these recent elections, politically lost.  What staggers the imagination is what motivates the military by going along with such deviousness?  Where are our military leaders who have sworn to defend the constitution?  I know they are better than this, and in their own private clubs, they must be ashamed and perplexed.  I pray they are because that would signal they still have a conscience at work within them, something Mr. Obama does not appear to possess.
Intel chatter suggests China sent a shot across the bow of America to signal their growing displeasure, and even anger, at Mr. Obama and associates for messing with the world’s economy.”

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