Mainstream media Orwellian campaign, Fact versus fiction, Intelligent people still influenced by MSM, Citizen Wells open thread

Mainstream media Orwellian campaign, Fact versus fiction.

What I am about to say probably applies to many of you. I have a good, dear friend who still watches mainstream media such as CNBC. He was touting tax cuts for small businesses and average Americans. He stated that “I” and most people had a lower tax obligation last year. That did not mesh with the many conversations I have had with many people as well as what I remember hearing and reading. However, anytime I sense a conversation is getting mired down in a gray morass, I try to find a common denonimator, a self evident truth. I stated that if he was correct that it isn’t working. People who believe the Orwellian lies from the mainstream media believe that George Bush and the Republicans are at fault. I then commence to confuse then with facts such as the Democrats have controlled congress since 2006. I also state that I am not a fan or defender of either party. What is clear for me is that I do not understand how any “rational,”  intelligent, informed person can support or defend the modern day Democrat party.

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