Larry Sinclair transported to Delaware, Joe Biden, Attorney General, Joe Biden’s son, Political prisoner

Larry Sinclair has been transported to Delaware. The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Joe Biden. Until I know more, I consider Larry Sinclair a political prisoner. I sent an email to the office of the Attorney General of Delaware this morning. Here is what I sent:


To: The Attorney General of Delaware
Dear Sir:
I have been following the Larry Sinclair story and have been in constant
contact with him. I have been researching and reporting.
My blog is
You may check it and me out.
I have a solid business background and credentials.
I am covering the arrest story as well.
Apparently there is a warrant from the State of Delaware out on
Lawrence Sinclair.
I have, from two reliable legal sources, that the warrant did not exist
in January 2008 or was hidden from the public record.
If that information is incorrect, please advise.
There is quite a bit of public outrage associated with the arrest
and the timing. I know a lot about Mr. Sinclair and events
surrounding his arrest. This story is still alive and growing.
It appears that Mr. Sinclair’s rights have been infringed upon.
The timing and motive behind the arrest of Mr. Sinclair are
highly suspect.
If you care to respond, I will, if you desire, report your response.
If not, this story continues to grow in significance and if for no
other reason than you and your father’s ties to Mr. Obama, this
story will gain sensational news status.
Citizen Wells

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