Kay Hagan Obama agenda kills people and jobs, Your children less safe from ISIS Ebola and Enterovirus, D68, Hand Foot and Mouth disease, Obamacare kills jobs

Kay Hagan Obama agenda kills people and jobs, Your children less safe from ISIS Ebola and Enterovirus, D68, Hand Foot and Mouth disease, Obamacare kills jobs

If your child gets sick you can blame Kay Hagan as well as Barack Obama.”…Citizen Wells

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

I stopped by and chatted with John Hammer of the Rhino Times yesterday. In print in NC in a major metro area John exposes the lies of Obama as well as NC politicians and officials.

From the Rhino Times today, Thursday, October 9, 2014.

“The Republican Party is taking Sen. Kay Hagan to court to find out if she used her influence for a company owned by her husband to get special treatment from the federal government. A company owned by Kay Hagan’s husband, Chip, and his brothers received $390,000 in stimulus money.

Maybe it’s time that somebody looked into the fact that Chip Hagan was also a party to a lawsuit against the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority, which provides water to Greensboro, High Point, Randleman, Randolph County, Archdale and Jamestown.

Chip Hagan’s group sued, and the judge who made the original ruling in the case at that time had been nominated by Kay Hagan for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. The ruling went against the water authority and, in a settlement, the water authority agreed to pay Chip Hagan and the owners of other downstream hydroelectric dams $2.35 million.

Kay Hagan later dropped her support for part-time Superior Court Judge Calvin Murphy’s appointment, but three weeks before the ruling was made Hagan had nominated him. So when Murphy made the ruling in favor of Chip Hagan’s company and the other owners of small dams downstream who were represented by Hagan’s law firm, Murphy was recommended by Kay Hagan for the prestigious and lucrative lifetime appointment as a federal judge.

It was only after it became public that Kay Hagan had nominated a judge who made a controversial ruling in favor of her husband’s company that Kay Hagan withdrew the nomination.

The eventual settlement of the lawsuit cost the water users of Greensboro $1.25 million.

The executive director of the Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority at the time of the ruling, John Kime, was quoted in newspaper reports as saying, “It was clear to me that we weren’t getting an unbiased opinion, based on politics.”

One of Kay Hagan’s husband’s companies gets $390,000 in federal funds and another gets an extremely favorable ruling by a judge who she had nominated to the federal bench, but Kay Hagan knows nothing about either.”

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John Hammer exposes the normal Obama pay to play politics that Kay Hagan has been involved in.

But there are far more serious consequences of people like Hagan supporting Obama and his leftists policies.

This is a matter of life and death and impacts your children now.

Kay Hagan sold her soul to the devil when she embraced Obama.

Hagan voted for Obamacare and has voted lockstep with Obama 95 percent of the time.

From Citizen Wells September 14, 2014.

“These facts are indisputable.

Numerous health care professionals warned of not screening illegal aliens for diseases.

Obama ignored their warnings.

Enterovirus D68 was not widespread in the US before this year.”

“From AliPac September 4, 2014.
“Three months ago, people like Dr. Jane Orient, myself and anonymous Border Patrol agents began to call for quarantine, for the purpose of health screening all immigrants. Many people laughed and said there was no real threat. The invasion of our country, the very invasion that people said was not real, has just endangered the entire country. We are sitting on the beginning of a series of pandemic outbreaks.

Prominent Health Officials Have Called for Quarantining All Illegal Immigrants for Health Reasons

In June, one of Arizona’s most prominent physicians, Dr. Jane Orient, called for proper health screening as she thought the unbridled and unconditioned entry of illegal immigrants into the country was problematic.

Dr. Austin King, head of the Texas Medical Association, is now calling out Texas Governor Rick Perry and President Barrack Obama to allow doctors to screen all of the unaccompanied children who have been coming across the border from Honduras and El Salvador. The President has remained silent with regard to the request.

Dr. King expressed the view that in order for more doctors to go down to the border, emergency funding would likely need to be approved, and ICE would have to change some policies in order to allow everyone coming across to be screened.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, a prominent preventive medicine physician, who previously served as the former Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, stated that “Legal immigrants are required to pay for medical exams and screening tests conducted by approved physicians before they arrive here. They’re not arriving in the U.S. carrying diseases, and then being dispersed into cities across the nation.” The CDC acknowledges this very fact on their website. Vliet further stated that the CDC’s own guidelines are clearly being violated with regards to the illegal immigrants currently crossing the border.”

“About 20″ cases of a polio-like syndrome have been identified in California children over the past 18 months, a Stanford University researcher says.
Dr. Keith Van Haren, a pediatric neurologist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, has written a report about five of the early cases.”

“However, some types of enterovirus are more serious. These can cause hand, foot and mouth disease; viral meningitis; encephalitis (inflammation of the brain); an infection of the heart; and paralysis in some patients.”


From Sharyl Attkisson October 4, 2014.
“Polio-like illness claims fifth life in U.S.”

“At least five children infected with the respiratory illness known enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) have died in the U.S. in the past month.”

“The lastest confirmed victim was a four-year-old New Jersey boy, Eli Waller. He died at home on September 25. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed the cause of death Friday night. But health officials say they have no idea how he contracted the virus. A health official says Eli was “asymptomatic and fine” when he went to bed but died overnight. He had no known preexisting immune weakness.”

“The CDC reports that in the past month and a half, at least 538 people in 43 states and the District of Columbia have become ill with EV-D68. Most of them are children and some developed limb paralysis. Polio, which can cause paralysis and death, is a type of enterovirus. EV-D68 is one of more than a hundred “non-polio” enteroviruses.”

“However, a study published in Virology Journal, found EV-D68 among some of the 3,375 young, ill people tested in eight Latin American countries, including the Central American nations of El Salvador and Nicaragua, in 2013.  (See Fig. 3)

Though the U.S. government is keeping secret the locations of the illegal immigrant children, there are significant numbers of them in both cities in which the current outbreak was first identified, Kansas City, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois, according to local advocates and press reports.”

In March of 2012, CDC reported emergence of a new strain of another non-polio enterovirus in the U.S. responsible for what’s known as hand, foot and mouth disease. The patients’ age range and the severity of the illness were considered unusual in the U.S. and resulted in a more severe and extensive rash. It had been previously seen in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Finland. Hand, foot and mouth disease is typically not considered a serious illness and usually resolves itself.”

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