Initial Claims October 16, 2014 lowest since April 2000?, Americans stupid enough to believe?, Huge labor force dropouts reason, Employment to population rate plummeted 5.4 percent

Initial Claims October 16, 2014 lowest since April 2000?, Americans stupid enough to believe?, Huge labor force drooputs reason, Employment to population rate plummeted 5.4 percent

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


Are Americans stupid enough to believe the reports coming from the US Labor Dept., the White House and the mainstream media.

Initial Claims for October 16, 2014 are the lowest since April 2000?

If you do you had better look closer.

The employment to population ratio has dropped 5.4 percent since April 2000.

If you lose enough workers and even more full time workers you are going to be less likely to have layoffs.

I.E. you have already pared the work force to the bone.

Don’t take my word for this, look it up.

Oh, and by the way, there are 23,317,000 more people not in the labor force than in April 2000.


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