Governor perdue veto, Override veto of Health Care Freedom Act, ObamaCare unconstitutional

Governor perdue veto, Override veto of Health Care Freedom Act, ObamaCare unconstitutional

Governor Beverly Perdue recently vetoed legislation to exclude NC from Obamacare. She claimed that it would be too expensive to fight and many other states were already doing so. It is my understanding that the NC Attorney General’s office has stated that the expense would not be great.

From the Beaufort Observer March 6, 2011.

“A year into ObamaCare and by any measure an honest person would have to say it has been a failure. And even if the Democrats were to contest that use of terms, they would nonetheless be hard pressed to show the numbers that would indicate anything but a failure to accomplish the goals that were outlined for it by the President in the 97 speeches he made in trying to get it passed.

You can read the numbers here but a quick overview shows that while Obama claimed the basic goal was to eliminate people without health insurance the numbers show that the percentage of Americans without health insurance has climbed, not declined. And on the objective of “making health care more affordable” the numbers show that that number of Americans who have employer-paid health insurance benefits has decreased. And the affordability factor for the taxpayer has also decreased as a larger percentage of Americans are now on government-paid insurance (Medicare, Medicaid etc.).

Moreover, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified before Congress last week and admitted that the $500 million “savings” for Medicare that Team Obama touted in getting the bill passed has not, and likely will never, materialize. And this was the reason North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan gave for voting for ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, we read in the news frequently about Team Obama exempting another of thousands of businesses from the law’s mandates and as recently as last week President Obama told a group of governors assembled in Washington that he would be willing to allow states to opt-out of some of the most costly provisions of the law.

Nonetheless, North Carolina’s Governor, Bev. Perdue Saturday (3-5-11) vetoed the Republican legislative plan to exclude North Carolina from the law and to contest its constitutionality before the U. S. Supreme Court.

So in summary, the law’s impact has had exactly the opposite effect from what Obama claimed it would have. The ‘bottom line’ is that more Americans have less access to health care and it is more expense than before ObamaCare was passed. And our Governor and Attorney General choose to stick with it.”

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From Americans for Prosperity March 7, 2011.

Dear Supporter,

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory will be urging voters to contact their member of the General Assembly this week as part our effort to override Governor Perdue’s reckless veto of the Health Care Freedom Act. Click here to watch a special message from Pat McCrory.

It is clear that the citizens of North Carolina want to be protected from President Obama’s overreach. If you haven’t yet, take action on this critical issue! Click here to send a message to your legislators urging them to override Gov. Perdue’s veto.
Pat couldn’t have said it better himself: “A majority of states have challenged the worst parts of ObamaCare, and two federal judges have agreed that the bill is unconstitutional. The NC General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a bill to protect North Carolinians from a federal government mandate to buy health insurance and other unconstitutional parts of ObamaCare.

However, after a trip to Washington and meetings with big government liberals including President Obama, Governor Perdue vetoed this common sense legislation.  I urge citizens to contact their members of the General Assembly and ask them to override the Governor’s veto.”
It is clear Governor Perdue is standing with Obama over the interests of North Carolina citizens. With your help and the help of leaders such as Mayor McCrory, we can not only support this important piece of legislation, we can be influential factors in its passage.

Remember, while Governor Perdue has exercised a veto of this legislation, she can not veto the will of the people to be protected from Obamacare. If you’d like to contact your lawmaker and ask them to protect your health care freedom, click here.
Thank you for your continued support and activism to protect economic freedom and prosperity across North Carolina. Together, we can make a difference.

Dallas Woodhouse
State Director
Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina

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