Full Transcript of Gennifer Flowers Bombshell Interview, WABC Talk Radio, I had some saying that I was going to get beaten up, I had some saying I was going to be killed, My home had been ransacked and entered three times, Newsmax July 3, 1997

Full Transcript of Gennifer Flowers Bombshell Interview, WABC Talk Radio, I had some saying that I was going to get beaten up, I had some saying I was going to be killed, My home had been ransacked and entered three times, Newsmax July 3, 1997


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax Newsmax July 3, 1997.

“Full Transcript of Gennifer Flowers Bombshell Interview”

“WABC Talk Radio – July 3, 1997
Hosts: Curtis Sliwa and Penny Crone Caution: Very graphic.

CRONE: I remember the day you played the tapes as if it was yesterday.

FLOWERS: Those tapes speak for themselves, don’t they.

CRONE: Do you still have them with you?

FLOWERS: Oh, sure.

CRONE: Could you play one of them or are you not prepared?

FLOWERS: I mean, I don’t have them right here with me but we can arrange to do that.

CRONE: Maybe we could do that in the future. Real quick, what was one of the things that you, and you say, the president said on the phone?

FLOWERS: Let me tell you something that; well – we said a lot of things actually on the phone. And if I had the intent to set him up, as I had been accused, I could have had a library of tapes and videotapes. But one thing that Bill said on those tapes that I think has rung true throughout his presidency is that he told me that if we stick together and we continue to deny it then everything will be OK. Deny it, deny it, deny it. Which has been his M.O., so to speak, throughout his presidency with all of the “Gates” that have occured.

CRONE: But you know what, Gennifer? It hasn’t hurt him at all.

FLOWERS: Well I think that remains to be seen.

CRONE: What about Paula Jones?

FLOWERS: Well, that’s a good question. I think that Paula will probably get her day in court. We’ll see if that continues after it goes to Susan Webber’s (sic) court in Little Rock.

CRONE: Do you think President Clinton did what Paula Jones said?

FLOWERS: No, I don’t think so.


FLOWERS: What I think happened was that, you know – they made eye contact, they flirted, he thought that she was a willing participant in some type of sexual activity. She was invited to the room, she accepted. While they were there, perhaps she changed her mind. Maybe she didn’t. We don’t know what happened there. She even admits that he said, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.” I don’t know Bill Clinton as someone who needs to literally sexually harass a woman. I’m sure that he could have found many willing participants. But I was not in that room. And if Paula indeed has legitimate evidence to prove her case, I think she should be given the opportunity to do so.

CRONE: Gennifer Flowers, what happened to your life after you blew the whistle, so to speak, on President Clinton. He won another election. He just keeps on ticking. What about your life?

FLOWERS: Well, I didn’t actually blow the whistle on him, first of all. I mean, the story came out through a lawsuit and press release that was filed by Larry Nichols. You’re probably aware of that situation. And I merely corroborated a true story that was coming out anyway. So, my intent was never to blow the whistle on him. However….

CRONE: But you did play the tapes.

FLOWERS: Well, I played the tapes to prove that my story was true. I made the tapes to protect myself because some very scary things were going on.

CRONE: I got to ask you, isn’t that kind of crummy to make tapes? You’re having an affair with a guy….

FLOWERS: Yeah, I thought it was crummy….

CRONE: But you did it and you played it for the whole world to listen to.

FLOWERS: Well, I did it because my home had been ransacked and entered three times, because I was getting threats on the telephone. And at that particular time I didn’t know that I could trust him anymore.

SLIWA: Well, now – you say “threats” Gennifer Flowers. Explain to us what those threats consisted of.

FLOWERS: Well, I was getting threats on the telephone. I was getting calls from various Republican and Democratic operatives.

CRONE: Operatives? Well, what were they saying?

FLOWERS: Well, you know – I was geting threats.

CRONE: I mean, were they saying they were going to kill you? Or were they saying….

FLOWERS: Yes. I had some saying that I was going to get beaten up. I had some saying I was going to be killed.

CRONE: Name them. Who called you?

FLOWERS: Now, when I say Democratic operatives, I’m not saying that the Democratic operatives are the people that called and said, “My name is Sam Jones and I’m going to kill you.” Those are the people that intimated that there would be some problems or that I would not be in a secure situation. I had….

CRONE: Do you think that President Clinton was behind this?

FLOWERS: Well, what I thought after my home was ransacked was that he was behind that; simply because I had called to tell him about it and it was his reaction to it. I mean he acted, he was aloof. He didn’t act that concerned. He said, “Well, why do you think they came in there?” And I said, “Well, why the hell do you think?” He said, “Well, do you think they were looking for something on us?” I said, “Well, yes!” And at that moment I thought, “Well, maybe you’re behind this.” Because he would have as much interest to know what evidence I might have as anyone else would.

CRONE: So Gennifer, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How good in bed was President Clinton?

FLOWERS: He was excellent in bed, Penny.

CRONE: He was?

FLOWERS: Yes, he was.

CRONE: Oh, my word.

FLOWERS: Honey, he was wonderful.

CRONE: Was he well endowed?

FLOWERS: No. No, the President has a small penis.

SLIWA: But with any distinguishing…..


SLIWA: But with any distinguishing characteristics as Paula Jones says in court papers?

FLOWERS: Well, we could compare it to Arkansas, which is a small state, as I just said. But other than that I don’t know what she’s talking about.

CRONE: So you didn’t see any distinguishing – Oh, I’m reprehensed at this conversation.

FLOWERS: Oh, doesn’t it absolutely just blow you away?

CRONE: Do you remember that news conference, that guy that stuttered?

FLOWERS: Oh,”Stuttering John”. Do I remember it? Of course I do. (“Stuttering John” is Howard Stern’s roving newsman.)

CRONE: I was telling….Remember when he said, “D-d-d-d-did, t-t-t-the, G-G-G-G-Governor wear a C-c-c-c-condom?”

FLOWERS: And did he like group sex? That was his second question.

CRONE: And what was your answer to that?

FLOWERS: Well, I wanted to say, “No” (to the condom question) and, “Yes” (to the group sex question). But I – listen, I didn’t know – obviously I had never been in any situation like that in my life. I was not prepared when “Stuttering John” stood up in a very serious situation.

CRONE: And no one knew who he was then.

FLOWERS: Right. Those questions, naturally, you know, my mind sort of went on tilt. I thought, “Oh, my God”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to address him seriously or what the heck to do.

SLIWA: So, now Gennifer, just before you go – Are we talking Vienna sausage here? I mean small, eh – you got us all wondering.

FLOWERS: I’ll just let you use your imagination, OK?

CRONE: Gennifer Flowers, thank you so much for joining us today.”


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