February 18 2010, Citizen Wells open thread

The Citizen Wells blog is open to sincere discussions on a wide variety of topics. This open thread for today, February 18, 2010 is for “off topic” discussions. The “on topic” discussion thus far today is the Philip J Berg update so anything related to Obama eligibilty will be appropriate on that post. Sporadic personal comments are allowed as long as they do not attack commenters here.

To further elaborate, comments about Obama, Congress on a post like Berg’s would normally be appropriate. This is not a hard and fast rule and is intended to guide reasonable people.

Regarding 9/11 and various theories. I have an opinion, which I will refrain from expressing. I am not saying that this is not important. I have various priorities which I must adhere to. I would prefer that these comments be placed on an open thread.

Thanks and God bless.

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