“FBI” Local Police Visit Family of Reputed “First Son”, Bill Clinton father?, Lucille Bolton aunt: Visitors identified themselves as FBI agents, Police came in yard went through my house knocked my kids down and shot my dog, Newsmax November 11, 1998

“FBI” Local Police Visit Family of Reputed “First Son”, Bill Clinton father?, Lucille Bolton aunt: Visitors identified themselves as FBI agents, Police came in yard went through my house knocked my kids down and shot my dog, Newsmax  November 11, 1998


The following article can no longer be found at NewsMax. Some of their Archives can only be found on the Wayback Machine.

Since it was scrubbed it is presented in it’s entirety.

From NewsMax Newsmax November 11, 1998.

“”FBI,” Local Police Visit Family of Reputed “First Son””

“Lucille Bolton is a very brave woman, perhaps more brave than even she knows.

As the aunt and onetime guardian of the president’s reputed son she sits on a powderkeg of information that could make the Monica Lewinsky scandal pale by comparison.

She shared some of that information with NewsMax.com in a story reported last week. But there’s more about her unique predicament that may have devastating consequences — both for her family and the nation.

Bolton made it clear during our September interview that she bears the president no ill will. It was her concern for her nephew, Danny Williams, and his own desire that the truth be told that prompted Bolton to reveal what she did. But she was also aware that by going public she could be playing into the hands of the president’s political enemies.

“Can I ask you a question?” Bolton inquired in the midst of relating her story. “What are you trying to do to the man?”

I told her that I agreed with Bolton’s sister, Shirley Howard (Danny Williams’ current guardian), who told Bolton she wanted the president to take a paternity test in the interest of establishing the truth.

At that, Danny’s aunt insisted that there wasn’t any doubt about the boy’s paternity in her mind.

The exchange was telling. Plainly, Bolton has no political ax to grind by coming forward. And in fact, like many African-Americans, Danny’s aunt remains loyal to the president. But for this decent woman, the truth about her nephew’s plight took precedence — and so our conversation continued.

Lucille Bolton may not have realized it at the time, but getting Danny’s story out now could be her best protection against things to come.

She says that just two days before she spoke to NewsMax.com, two visitors showed up at Danny’s current home. When Howard answered the door, the two men identified themselves as FBI agents.

“Shirley said they gave her a card and told her she should get a lawyer — and then she should contact them,” said Bolton. “I asked Shirley, ‘You mean they didn’t show you a badge or anything?’ They didn’t, so she just slammed the door in their faces. So the only way she’s going to do any talking is through me.”

Both Bolton and Howard believe the visit was a ruse perpetrated by reporters chasing the Danny Williams story. What Bolton couldn’t explain was why reporters would advise her sister to hire a lawyer. Moreover, as any good reporter would know, impersonating a federal agent is a felony.

Lucille said her sister Shirley is willing to talk about the boy whom she insists is the president’s son. But when asked about the precise whereabouts of Danny’s mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, Bolton balked. “You’re a reporter. I know you’re going to try and find her.”

If I wanted to talk to Bobbie Ann, Bolton wanted something for herself. “Let’s do it like this. You scratch my back, I scratch your back.” I was afraid that this woman, who up to that point had wanted nothing more than to get Danny’s story out, suddenly wanted money. (NewsMax.com does not pay for interviews.)

I was wrong. In fact, what Bolton wanted was to share her own personal grievance, a disturbing report about a recent encounter with Little Rock police that she suspects is part of a pattern of harassment.

“The police killed my dog for no reason,” Lucille Bolton exploded. “And nobody will listen to me.”

Bolton spoke of what at first appeared to be a relatively minor family tragedy in urgent tones. “There was a disturbance at [address deleted] — and my house is nowhere near there. The police came in my yard, went through my house, knocked my kids down, went out by the fence and shot my dog. And then they just left. So I asked them what happened to my dog, and they wouldn’t tell me anything.”

Danny Williams’ aunt said the incident happened this July, and she’s been fuming about it ever since. Though it made the news, Bolton complained that the report was inaccurate. “The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette didn’t get the story right. They said a rottweiler was killed by police after an officer walked in and the dog attacked him. But there were 12 kids at this house when it happened. And they won’t even listen to the kids.”

Lucille Bolton declined to speculate about any connection between her nephew’s famous dad and Little Rock’s finest. Instead, she linked the trouble to a stolen-car report she filed three years ago. Bolton claims the police botched the investigation. “I told them I was going to sue them and ever since then I’ve been getting threatening letters from the police. They said they would make my life a miserable hell. But I can’t do much about it. We’re black and don’t have any money. So you know how that is.”

When apparent G-men visited Danny Williams’ house just weeks after local police shot his aunt’s dog, was someone trying to send Lucille Bolton and her sisters a message? Do the threatening letters from the LRPD have anything to do with Danny’s alleged dad and the likelihood that he couldn’t survive another shoe dropping so close on the high heels of Monicagate?

Lucille Bolton doesn’t think that’s the case. But if she’s wrong, the more of Danny’s story that gets out now the safer he and his aunt will be.

“We ain’t nobody compared to them,” said Bolton, contrasting her own family’s plight with that of her famous blood-brother-in-law’s.

Apparently, the prestige press agrees, since they refuse to report the Danny Williams story even as scary things begin to happen to his family.”


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