Donald Young murder anniversary, Obama TUCC church Choir director, Larry Sinclair, Obama Young relationship posted on Chicago BET message board

Donald Young murder anniversary, Obama TUCC church Choir director, Larry Sinclair, Obama Young relationship posted on Chicago BET message board

“Why was Donald Young, the gay choir director at TUCC, Obama’s church, murdered in December 2007 just as the presidential campaign was heating up?…Citizen Wells

“Was Barack Obama involved in a relationship with Donald Young?”…Citizen Wells

From Larry Sinclair December 23, 2011.

“It was four years today that Obama friend/lover was murdered”

“Exactly four years today Obama friend and lover Donald Young was found murdered in his Chicago home. On December 27, 2007 an individual who knew about the Obama/Young relationship posted on a Chicago BET message board

“Joshua said on December 27th, 2007 well i really hope that the fact that he was involved with obama cannot be linked to this murder!”

It should also be noted that the comment link above, 3 years and 362 days later takes you to a Error 404- Not Found page on BET. Efforts to reach BET (Black Entertainment Television) by phone to obtain a comment as to why the item has been removed from BET Message Board have been unsuccessful. According to a recording the BET offices are closed.

Today three years and 362 days later Chicago Police nor anyone else has ever looked into Obama’s relationship with Donald Young as it might relate to Young’s murder.

Representatives of the Cook County States Attorney say “no arrest or charging of any defendant in the case has been made yet.” One representative from the States Attorney Office asked us for the name of the “person of interest” in the case, yet we were never told that name when informed in July the Chicago Police Department had a “POI” but had not made any arrest.

Chicago PD Has/Had Person of Interest in Young Murder”

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