Biden Ryan debate response, October 12, 2012, Citizen Wells commenters nail it, Joe Biden and Obama have no record to run on, Chicago style politics

Biden Ryan debate response, October 12, 2012, Citizen Wells commenters nail it, Joe Biden and Obama have no record to run on, Chicago style politics

“Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del. (left), has been advised since 1984 by Joseph Cari (right), the Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser who has been tied to the Antoin “Tony” Rezko patronage scandal.”…ABC News August 25, 2008

“Why did Joe Biden’s son have Larry Sinclair arrested at the end of Sinclair’s National Press Club presentation?”…Citizen Wells

“Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen.”

“Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are
citizens will receive free insurance, paid for by those who are forced to
buy insurance because they are citizens.”…Ben Stein

I watched as much of the debate as I could stomach last night. Joe Biden and his running mate Obama have no record to run on and continue to resort to Chicago style and Alinsky politics. Biden, with his constant interruptions and undignified responses, revealed his lack of respect for the office and the American public.

The good commenters of Citizen Wells nailed it.


“Joe ‘Plugs’ Biden is an idiot. Paul Ryan was dignified and stated his case perfectly, even though he was nervous. If Plugs and that ever-present (fake) smirk kept interrupting me, I would’ve embarrassed him on the national stage and told him he was rude and condescending. Either that, or I would’ve crawled across the table and smacked him”


“Moderator bias was on full display and she neglected to mentioned O and her hubby were Harvard buds and invited him to their wedding.”


“All the dufus public who could only say Biden was “passionate” apparently could not tell that he was using his display as a cover for his ignorance. Within his “passion” he was lying and demagoguing. This moderator is still definitely biased towards her specially invited marriage guest. She willingly lost control of Biden’s blatant interruptions when the program was to have 2 min. each. I’d prefer a VP who has control of himself. Also apparently Biden doesn’t know that that “death panel” is already in action with the new penalties against hospitals who receive back Medicare patients before a now ordered time limit.”


“Raddatz is the former Martha Bradley and started out on Boston TV years ago; I didn’t like her then, and I don’t like her now. It was obvious who she was for, and against.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have either Beck, Hannity, Rush, Jeff Kuhner, or Savage (da bomb!) moderate one of these debates but apparently, Conservatives need not apply…the moderator’s job is restricted to moonbats, and moonbats only. I’m surprised Schmepaloupolous hasn’t been up there yet….”


“CNN Poll on debate winner: Ryan 48%, Biden 44%

I think Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, would have been a more intelligent and neutral moderator who would have the facts to challenge the Biden BS.”

“WOW! Read some of the comments about Biden here….even from the marxstream media:”

“CNBC Poll: Paul Ryan Smokes Biden At Debate, 56% – 36%…”

“Number Of Times Biden Interrupted Ryan During 90-Minute Debate: 82”

“I still cannot understand why every person in the audience of the debate was NOT GIVEN a SCOOP SHOVEL as they entered the debate chambers. At least the spectators would have had something to dig their way out of the flood tide of BULLFECES pouring out of Bidens errant mouth. Wouldn’t it have been a more meaningful debate if all of the audience would have held up their scoop shovel everytime Biden said something. But would Biden have been intelligent enough to get the message?”

Biden and Chicago style politics.

From Citizen Wells August 9, 2011.

“Joseph Cari, 58, is one of the first notable figures to be sentenced of those who took plea deals and testified against the impeached Illinois governor. Blagojevich’s former chiefs of staff John Harris and Alonzo Monk are among those still awaiting sentencing.

Cari, who pleaded guilty to attempted extortion, told Judge Amy St. Eve just before she sentenced him that he took full responsibility for his actions and was sorry.

“I will live with the shame and pain for the rest of my life,” he said.

A former finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Cari described to jurors at Blagojevich’s first corruption trial how the then-governor boasted to him in 2003 about how governors could pressure companies desperate for state business for campaign cash.”

“Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del. (left), has been advised since 1984 by Joseph Cari (right), the Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser who has been tied to the Antoin “Tony” Rezko patronage scandal.”

“Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser Joseph Cari has advised Biden and his campaigns on and off since 1984, serving in posts as varied as a Senate adviser on crime to the Midwest Political Director for Biden’s aborted 1987 presidential bid. In 2005 Cari helped arrange private meetings for Biden with potential supporters, as the senator explored another run for the White House. He has also worked to raise money for Biden . “

“Cari admitted that in 2004 he helped a Rezko associate by making calls in what turned out to be a kickback scheme. The deal was an offshoot of a complex corruption scheme wrought by Antoin “Tony” Rezko , whose ties to Obama have vexed the White House hopeful . Cari has maintained he did not know the details of that scheme or any other.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

From Citizen Wells May 25, 2012.

From the FEC  May 25, 2012.

“MUR 6524

RESPONDENTS: Biden for President, Inc.; and Melvyn Monzack, in his official capacity as treasurer
SUBJECT: In the normal course of carrying out its supervisory responsibilities, the Commission found that Biden for President, Inc. (the Committee) and Monzack, in his official capacity as treasurer, did not retain adequate records to document the notification of contributors of the Committee’s presumptive redesignation of $1,092,899 in excessive contributions. Biden was a 2008 primary candidate for president.

DISPOSITION: The Commission entered into a conciliation agreement whereby Biden for President, Inc. and Monzack, in his official capacity as treasurer, agreed to pay a civil penalty of $50,000.”

Biden and Obama have some of the same Chicago corruption connections.

Biden and Obama campaigns both violated FEC contribution rules.

Biden and Obama have both tried to silence Larry Sinclair.


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