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I have been reading and analyzing the ruling from US District Court Judge Nina Gershon, the complaint filed by ACORN attorneys and associated legal opinions and definitions. Judge Gershon, appointed by Bill Clinton, has a far left liberal view of the world and this comes through in her decisions.

How convenient and how liberal

When Obama obtained the electoral college vote and sanction from Congress (in defiance of the US Constitution) it was touted as the will of the people.
Now Congress has cut off funding to ACORN, it has the authority to do so, and District Court Judge Gershon (in defiance of the US Constitution) has ruled this unconstitutional.

Judge Gershon refers to the separation of powers and mistakenly does so when she buys into or embraces the alleged Bill of Attainder from Congress. In reality, she is violating the separation of powers when she impedes Congress from exercising their consitutional mandate to fund or remove funds on behalf of the American people.

This pattern of being guided by far left liberal agendas followed by  irresponsible rulings has been manifest for many years. You may remember the case from November 1999, the so called art exhibit containing a painting of the Virgin Mary that includes some elephant dung. It was apparent from Judge Gershon’s ruling then that she had an agenda that was contrary to protecting the American public and taxpayers.

“Mayor Says Judge Rushed Decision in Museum Case”

“Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani accused a federal judge yesterday of rushing to issue her ruling in the Brooklyn Museum of Art case to block city lawyers from fully investigating the finances of the museum’s ”Sensation” exhibition.

Mr. Giuliani stepped up his attacks on Judge Nina Gershon of United States District Court in Brooklyn one day after she ruled that he had no right to cut the museum’s city financing because he felt ”Sensation” was offensive and blasphemous. The exhibition includes displays of dead animals and a painting of the Virgin Mary that includes some elephant dung.”

Read more:

The trend is obvious. Judge Nina Gershon has an agenda that blinds her from a realistic interpretation of the US Constitution, one that protects the citizens of the US.

I hope to present a more technical analysis of Judge Gershon’s ruling soon.

WE must insist that Congress not comply with this radical ruling. Tell them to press on.

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