Friday, June 18th, 2010


Gulf oil disaster, Fact vs Fiction series, Obama, Ken Salazar, Hypocrisy at highest levels, Elizabeth Birnbaum resigned, When will Obama resign? Interior Department policies

Gulf oil disaster, Fact vs Fiction series, Obama, Ken Salazar, Hypocrisy at highest levels “Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially not insofar as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.”…. Adolf Hitler   Gulf Oil Disaster Fact vs Fiction Part 1 Hypocrisy at the highest levels   Here are some exerpts from Part 1 of a multi part series designed to present the truth and background surrounding the Gulf Oil Crisis that is being mostly blamed on BP. BP must, of course, assume part of the responsibilityRead More

DISCLOSE ACT, HR 5175, Friday vote, June 18, 2010, First Amendment Rights, Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections (DISCLOSE) Act

I received the following in an email a few minutes ago with a request to “PLEASE email, fax, call and otherwise reach out to your House member to vote NO on this legislation.”  “DISCLOSE ACT (HR 5175) is set for vote FRIDAY AM!!!” The DISCLOSE Act June 16, 2010   On the Citizens United decision: “This is a defeat for arrogant elitists who wanted to carve out free speech as a privilege for themselves and deny it to the rest of us; and for those who believed that speech hadRead More

Arizona, Hillary Clinton, Blagojevich trial, Usurper in White House, National Park closed, Citizen Wells open thread, June 18, 2010

Well, they certainly have the diversions and chaos that they desired. A snippet from the Blagojevich trial yesterday. “In 2008, Ata’s testimony helped prosecutors secure the conviction of Blagojevich insider Antoin “Tony” Rezko. On Thursday, Ata covered much of the same ground. He again told of a plot to get U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald fired, and of how Blagojevich discussed a state post with him while an envelope containing a $25,000 check Ata had written sat before the governor. But his testimony was overshadowed by clashes between Adam and Zagel.Read More