Saturday, January 9th, 2010


Scott Brown, election certification delayed, Paul Kirk, Deval Patrick, MA, Health care bill, Ted Kennedy, Sean Hannity, Fox, Senator, Senate election, Boston Herald, Democrat Party chicanery

The Scott Brown senate race against MA Attorney General Martha Coakley is tight and MA and national Democrats such as Harry Reid are beginning to sweat. Paul Kirk, the temporary senator who replaced Ted Kennedy, has stated he will vote for the Health Care Bill. I have stated on numerous occasions that I can not comprehend how any concerned, informed and patriotic American can support the modern day Democrat Party. The following report is one of many examples of why I hold this belief. From The Boston Herald, January 9,Read More

NPR insults Tea Party Movement, National Public Radio insults Americans, Learn to speak Tea Bag, Ellen Weiss, Cartoon is staying up, NPR values, civility and civil discourse, Alicia C. Shepard

Many years ago I listened to NPR and Rush Limbaugh. I considered that a balanced approach to getting information. There were many decent shows on NPR (National Public Radio), my favorite being “Car Talk.” In the early nineties some of the NPR shows would slip in what I considered elitist, condescending comments about politicians and those of differing political opinions, but it generally did not get out of hand. I began listening less and less to NPR because a trend developed of increasing elitist comments, “we know more than youRead More