Tuesday, September 1st, 2009


Richard Burr, NC Senator, Health care reform, Town hall meetings, September 1, 2009, Charlotte NC, Levine Children's Hospital, John McCain, questions from invited parties, Video

Several days ago I contacted NC Senator Richard Burr’s office via email and telephone message. I received no response. I was inquiring about a health care forum that was scheduled for today, Tuesday, September 1, 2009. I discovered today by an internet search, that Senator Burr is part of a forum with John McCain and other Republicans. What concerns me is that they are fielding questions from “invited parties.” Senator Burr is against the Obama backed public option and that is good. However, why is Senator Burr not hosting townRead More

Sleeping giant awakened, Yamamoto, Poem, America awakened, Town halls, tea parties, citizens outraged

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant” World war II Japanese Admiral Yamamoto A young lady confronted Arlen Specter with this quote at a town hall meeting recently. A poem submitted to this blog on August 30, 2009 by commenter prairie. Awake The air has quickly cooled, The winds have shifted course. Dark clouds fill the sky, As a looming, evil force. A flash of distant light, Thunder cracks, the silence breaks. With the Perfect Storm upon us, The sleeping Giant wakes. There is fireRead More

Las Vegas town hall meeting, Danny Tarkanian, Harry Reid challenger, Health care town hall in Nevada, August 2009, Reid sent supporters, Video

From a youtube video posted August 25, 2009: “Danny Tarkanian, Republican challenger to Harry Reid, hosted a town hall in Las Vegas, NV. He was the first person to announce that he’d host a town hall in Las Vegas. He announced that the day he formally announced his candidacy on Newsradio 840 KXNT with Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson. Another station heard this, and hosted their own town hall before Danny’s. It was a disaster. Heather Kydd and Casey Hendrickson were asked to moderate the Tarkanian event, and there wasRead More